Fuzzy Logic Sofware

PROF. OSCAR DUARTE (ogduarte@ingenieria.ingsala.unal.edu.co)
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 23:09:13 +0200

I=B4ve developed a software tool for analysis, design, simulation and=20
(software) implementation of Fuzzy Logic Systems. I=B4ve called this=20
software UNFUZZY (The =B4UN=B4 characteres refers to National University of=
Colombia, in Spanish, Universidad Nacional de Colombia).

With UNFUZZY the designer can:
- design with a graphical interface the Fuzzy Logic System
- simulate the performance with an step-by-step view
- develope input-output tables and figures
- generate C and/or C++ source code for software implementation
- use two learning algoritms to train the Fuzzy Logic System from=20
numerical data

This software was developed as my Magister Thesis in Industry Automation,=
in the National University of Colombia. It is available in the following=20
Wep page address:


The software, its help, and its user=B4s manual are written in Spanish

Please send your comments and suggestions about UNFUZZY to

Oscar G. Duarte
Departamento de Ingenieria Electrica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia