Hadas Zies (hzies@cs.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 20:41:58 +0200

To: BISC Group
From: L. A. Zadeh

The terms "Information Systems" and "Intelligent Systems" have been --
and continue to be -- in wide use today. What I should like to suggest is the
use of the composite term "Information/Intelligent Systems," or I/IS for short,
to describe the union of Information Systems and Intelligent Systems, with
Intelligent Information Systems representing the intersection of Information
Systems and Intelligent Systems.

I/IS is rapidly emerging as the core of modern technology. In this
perspective, soft computing may be viewed as one of the pillars of I/IS.

With my warm regards to all,

Lotfi Zadeh

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you or someone you know, please send a message to Michael Lee,