Re: Fundamental questions (long)

Vladik Kreinovich (
Mon, 7 Jul 1997 15:43:32 +0200

> Also what is the advantage in using fuzzy logic when it is being
> trained with numerical data. I don't mean to cause offense but I
> often read papers that use fuzzy logic trained with numerical data
> *only* and wonder what was the actual advantage in doing that?

A theorem showing that in some reasonable sense, fuzzxy methods are
indeed the best way of handling numerical data is presented in the
following paper:

Robert N. Lea and Vladik Kreinovich,
``Intelligent Control Makes Sense Even Without Expert Knowledge: an
{\it Reliable Computing}, 1995, Supplement (Extended Abstracts of
APIC'95: International Workshop on Applications of Interval Computations,
El Paso, TX, Febr. 23--25, 1995),
pp. 140--145.

This paper can be downloaded (in LaTeX or Postscript) from, click on the
corresponding paper.

Similar results have been proven by Kosko, you may want to look
into his latest book for results and references.