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Vladik Kreinovich (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 22:35:29 +0200

The Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators:
Theory and Applications

edited by Ronald R. Yager and Janusz Kacprzyk

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston

This volume is the first in the literature on the
increasingly popular Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA)
operators. These OWS operators make it possible to change
the form of aggregation from the `pessimistic'
minimum-type aggregation through all intermediate types
including the conventional arithmetic mean and
nonconventional aggregations, to the `optimistic'
maximum-type aggregations. Included are contributions
from a number of fields where these operators have been
applied. These fields are decision analysis under
uncertainty, learning and classification, multi-person
decision-making and consensus formation, and flexible
database querying and information retrieval.

Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-9934-X
May 1997, 357 pp.
NLG 275.00 / USD 137.00 / GBP 90.50

Contents and Contributors

1: Basic Issues in Aggregation.
Kolmogorov's Theorem and its Impact on Soft Computing;
H.T. Nguyen, V. Kreinovich.
Possibility and Necessity in Weighted Aggregation;
C. Carlsson, et al.
OWA Operators and an Extension of the Contrast Model;
B. Bouchon-Meunier, M. Rifqi.
Equivalence of Changes in Proportions at Crossroads of
Mathematical Theories;
J. Aczél, et al.
2: Fundamental Aspects of OWA Operators.
On the Inclusion of Importances in OWA Aggregation;
R.R. Yager.
On the Linguistic OWA Operator and Extensions;
F. Herrera, E. Herrera-Viedma.
Alternative Representations of OWA Operators; M. Grabisch.
3: Mathematical Issues and OWA Operators.
Useful Tools for Aggregation procedures: Some Consequences
and Applications of Strassen's Measurable Hahn-Banach Theorem;
H.J. Skala.
OWA Specificity;
A. Ramer.
Ordered Continuous Means and Information;
A. Ramer.
4: OWA Operators in Decision Analysis.
OWA Operators in Decision Making with Uncertainty and
Nonnumeric Payoffs;
R.R. Yager, M.T. Lamata.
On the Role of Immediate Probability in Various Decision Making
K.J. Engemann, R.R. Yager.
Risk Management Using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms;
T.C. Rubinson, G. Geotsi.
OWA Operators for Doctoral Student Selection Problem;
C. Carlsson, et al.
5: OWA Operators in Multicriteria and Multiperson Decision Making.
Beyond Min Aggregation in Multicriteria Decision: (Ordered) Weighted
Mean, Discri-Min, Leximin;
D. Dubois, et al.
OWA Operators in Group Decision Making and Consensus Reaching
Under Fuzzy Preferences and Fuzzy Majority;
J. Kacprzyk, et al.
Applications of the Linguistic OWA Operators in Group Decision Making;
F. Herrera, et al.
Aggregation Rules in Committee Procedures;
J. Montero, V. Cutello.
6: OWA Operators in Querying and Information Retrieval.
Quantified Statements and Some Interpretations for the
OWA Operators;
P. Bosc, L. Liétard.
Using OWA Operators in Flexible Query Processing;
M.-A. Vila, et al.
Application of OWA Operators to Soften Information
Retrieval Systems;
G. Bordogna, G. Pasi.
Implementation of OWA Operators in Fuzzy Querying for Microsoft Access;
J. Kacprzyk, S. Zadrozny.
7: OWA Operators in Learning and Classification.
OWA-Based Computing: Learning Algorithms;
W. Pedrycz.
OWA Operators in Machine Learning from Imperfect Examples;
J. Kacprzyk.
An Application of OWA Operators to the Aggregation of Multiple
Classification Decisions;
L.I. Kuncheva.