FUZZ-IEEE'98 (from the website)

Vladik Kreinovich (vladik@cs.utep.edu)
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 16:58:16 +0200


1998 IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
May 5-9, 1998, Anchorage, Alaska


Deadline: September 26, 1997

Program Committee Chair Program Committee Vice-Chairs

Professor James Keller Prof. Toshio Fukuda
Computer Engineering and Nagoya University
Computer Science Department
University of Missouri - Prof. Hans Zimmerman
Columbia Institut Fur Wirstschaftswissenschaften
Columbia, MO 65211


All papers must be received by the program chair on or before September 26,
1997. All submissions will be acknowledged by e-mail (or by postal mail if
e-mail is unavailable).

Six copies (one original and five copies) of the paper must be submitted.
All paper submissions must be hardcopy. Electronic submission of manuscripts
is not acceptable. Papers must conform to the IEEE publication guidelines,
available on the WCCI '98 web site at http://www.arc.unm.edu/wcci-98 or from
Meeting Management at (714) 752-8205. Note that these guidelines specify a
two-column format.

When the manuscript is mailed, please enclose a letter and send an e-mail
message to FUZZ98@ece.missouri.edu containing the following information:

* Full title of the paper
* Complete list of authors
* Author information for each author: name, postal and e-mail addresses,
telephone and fax numbers
* First and second choice of technical areas (see below)
* Preferred method of presentation (oral or poster).

The electronic version of this information (e-mailed to
FUZZ98@ece.missouri.edu) will help reduce the number of errors in
the paper database (particularly address errors for
correspondence, and allow us to anticipate the arrival of the
manuscript so we can verify that papers mailed are actually

Technical Areas for FUZZ '98

* Control Theory, Systems, and Applications
* Data and Decision Analysis (includes Operations Research topics)
* Foundations and Theory
* Fuzzy Logic and Approximate Reasoning
* Hardware and Implementation
* Hybrid Systems (Fuzzy-Neural; Fuzzy-GA etc.)
* Information Systems
* Pattern Recognition and Clustering
* Signal/Image Processing and Computer Vision


Sponsored by the IEEE Neural Networks Council and the IEEE Alaska Section

For information contact:

Meeting Management
2603 Main Street, Suite 690
Irvine, CA 92714
(714) 752-8205, Fax: (714) 752-7444