WCCI'98 (from the website)

Vladik Kreinovich (vladik@cs.utep.edu)
Mon, 2 Jun 1997 16:36:16 +0200


Deadline: September 26, 1997


1998 IEEE World Congress On Computational Intelligence

The three most important meetings in the computational intelligence will be
held at the same time and at the same place once again. This time the
computational intelligence world is coming to ...

Anchorage, Alaska --- May 4-9, 1998

Sponsored by the IEEE Neural Networks Council and the IEEE Alaska Section


Organizational Committee

General Chair Patrick K. Simpson, SciFish, Anchorage, AK

Vice-General Karen Haines, University of New Mexico,
Albuquerque, NM

IJCNN Program Chair Alan Stubberud, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA

FUZZ Program Chain James Keller, Univ. Missouri - Columbia,
Columia, MO

ICEC Program Chair David Fogel, Natural Selection, Inc., San
Diego, CA

WCCI Plenary Chair Jacek Zurada, Univesity of Louisville,
Louisville, KY

Tutorials Chair Robert J. Marks II, Univ. of Washington,
Seattle, WA

Finance Chair Robert Harris, Alaska Village Electric
Cooperative, Anchorage, AK

Promotion Chair Dorothy Pender, Univ. AK Fairbanks,
Fairbanks, AK
Local Arrangements Jim Jacobs, Univ. AK Anchorage, Anchorage,
Chair AK

Exhibits Chair Tim Trueblood, Trueblood & Associates,
Anchorage, AK

Instructions: All papers must be recieved by Semptember 26, 1997. Each paper
must be associatd with one of the three conferences (FUZZ-IEEE, IJCNN, ICEC)
and a topic from their list (see web site). Papers will be reviewed by
senior researchers in the field, and all authors will be notified of their
decisions by mail. All accepted papers will be published in the Conference

Six copies (one original and five copies) of the paper must be submitted.
Papers must conform to the IEEE publication guidelines. These guidelines are
available on the WCCI '98 web site at http://www.arc.unm.edu/wcci-98 or from
Meeting Management at (714) 752-8205.