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9th International Symposium on System Modelling Control
Zakopane, Poland, April 27th - May 1st, 1998

Organized by:

Institute of Computer Science of the Technical Institute of Lodz,
Polish Cybernetical Society,
Polish Society of Medical Informatics,
Polish Neural Networks Society,

The organizing committee of
the 9th International Symposium on System Modelling Control

Jozef Mayer, rector of the Technical University of Lodz
Maciej Nalecz, member of the Polish Academy of Science
Edward Kacki, Founder of the Symposium

Piotr S. Szczepaniak (Poland)

International Programme Committee
K.P.Adlassnig (Austria)
M. Bazewicz (Poland)
J.S.Bezdek (USA)
T.Bogdanik (Poland)
E.Czogala (Poland)
D. Dubois (France)
P.M. Frank (Germany)
H. Gorecki (Poland)
M.M. Gupta (Canada)
Z. Hippe (Poland)
J. Kacprzyk (Poland)
T. Kaczorek (Poland)
E. Kacki (Poland)
K. Kuzminski (Poland)
J.E. Larsson (Sweden)
P. Lisboa (United Kingdom)
J. Lunze (Germany)
A. Nava Segura (Mexico)
T. Niewierowicz (Mexico)
W. Pedrycz (Canada)
T. Puchalka (Poland)
N.X.Quynh (Vietnam)
L. Rutkowski (Poland)
E. Shpilewski (Lithuania)
S. Stoyanov (Bulgaria)
R. Tadeusiewicz (Poland)
I. Troch (Austria)
H.B. Verbruggen (Netherlands)

Scientific Secretary
L. Byczkowska-Lipinska

Progress and current trends in:

1. system theory
2. modelling and simulation
3. control
4. diagnosis
5. computational intelligence

Applications of 1 - 5 in:

A. engineering
B. ecology
C. biomedicine
D. socioeconomics
E. education

In topic 5 ( computational intelligence ) special sessions on "Computational
intelligence and Applications" are planned and the edition of separate
proceedings volume is intended.

Plenary lectures
D. Dubois (France),
P. M. Frank (Germany),
M.M.Gupta (Canada),
T. Kaczorek (Poland),
W. Pedrycz (Canada),

has been invited to present plenary lectures.

All papers presented at the Symposium will be automatically transferred to
the Editor of "Control and Cybernetics", the journal published by the Systems
Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The selection will be
performed by the Editor of the journal according to his usual procedure, the
copyright including.

Submission of papers
The conference language is English. The abstract submitted for review in two
copies, at least 2 pages in length, should present the motivation of the
subject, give an outline of the paper and include a list of references.
The material submitted for presentation must be original, not published or
being considered elsewhere. The papers will be preselected on the basis of
abstracts. All papers accepted for oral presentation will be published in
the conference proceedings available at the registration desk.


* submission of abstracts and application forms - July 31, 1997
* notification of Authors - October 31, 1997
* submission of full papers - December 31,1997
* conference fee - December 31,1997

The participants with e-mail number part of the further information will be
sent over it.


About Zakopane
Zakopane - the picturesque resort deservedly called the capital of the high
Polish Tatra Mountains, very attractive for tourists all the year around.
It is a convenient starting place for numerous exceptionally beautiful
mountain trips. Many peaks, offering really gorgious views are easily
accessible in one-day walking excursions along marked touristic paths.
The town itself also provides all kinds of entertainment to make the stay
there enjoyable for everybody.

Accomodation and social programme
Information about hotel reservations and social programme will be provided
in the 2nd Announcement.

The conference free is expected to be 400,- zlp approximately and should be
paid till December 31th, 1997. It includes attendance to all sessions,
publishing of the submitted contribution and one copy of the proceedings.

How to contact us
National Organizing Committee:
K. Bartczak - secretary
B.A. Ostrowska - co-secretary
A. Czerkawska-Jasinska
A. Graczyk
E. Jasinska
G. Kepa
M. Koman
A. Malolepszy
M. Mikulska
L. Miskiewicz
J. Waliszewski


All corespondence should be adressed to:

Mrs Beata Anna Ostrowska
Institute of Computer Science
Technical University of Lodz
ul. Sterlinga 16/18
90-217 Lodz

phone: +48 (42) 329757
fax: +48 (42) 303414

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