Granular Computing

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Thu, 15 May 1997 07:43:20 +0200

Dear Colleague:

(For those who have received ealeir message,
please note that we have adresses for e-mail adress and web page now)

A new BISC special interest group on Granular Computing (GrC)
is being formed. If you have any suggestions and comments,
please send e-mail to T.Y. Lin (Tsau Young Lin) at
"" and CC to Professor Zadeh at

We have set up an account for GrC. If you are interested in
joining the Group please send e-mail to: or

Please use "Join GrC" as the subject of the mail, and include the
following information in the body if possible:

Mailing address:
Preferred E-mail address:

A WWW page about GrC is under construction. The address is:

Enclosed please find information about GrC. Your comments and
suggestions are appreciated. Please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

Tsau Young Lin
GrC Coordinator Leader

Frank Hoffmann
Yiyu Yao
GrC Coordinators

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* A Special Interest Group on Granular Computing *
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1. Organization

1.1. Name of the group:

Granular Computing (GrC).

1.2. Coordinators

Tsau Young Lin (leader)
Frank Hoffmann
Yiyu Yao

1.3. Advisory Board (in alphabetical order)
The list is incomplete. We are in the process of
inviting more members.

Moris Anvari
James Bezdek
Piero Bonissone
Nick Cercone
Didier Dubois
Mohammad Jamshidi
George Klir
Janusz Kacprzyk
Tsau Young Lin
Alex Meystel
Setsuo Ohsuga
Zdzislaw Pawlak
Henri Prade
Enrique H. Ruspini
Hideo Tanaka
Burhan Turksen
Paul Wang
Ronald R. Yager
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Hans Zimmerman

2. Scope

"GrC is a superset of the theory of fuzzy information
granulation, rough set theory and interval computations,
and is a subset of granular mathematics."
--- Lotfi. A. Zadeh

Professor Zadeh pointed out many times that the success of fuzzy
logic rests on two essential notions, granulation (together with computing
with words) and fuzzification. The latter has been well studied in
classical fuzzy set theory. The former is a very natural concept and
appears almost everywhere by different names, such as data compression,
divide and conquer, chunking, interval computations, neighborhood systems,
and rough sets among others, just to name a few. However, the notion
of information granulation has not been fully explored in its own right.
We hope the GrC Special Interest Group can explore, organize and unify
these divergent concepts, theories, and applications into a well
formulated theory of granular computing.

3. Activities

3.1. Online Workshops
Brain Storming Online Workshops will be organized.
If participants think we have high quality discussions, we
will organize special issues in various journals.

3.2. Online Abstracts
We will accept abstracts online continuously until we reach a
certain volume. Then an Online workshop will be held to
discuss these abstracts. Again, by participants decision,
we may organize a special issue.

3.3. Possible Future Actions
If the group feels we have sufficient substance, we may organize
our own Journal.