Fuzzy Logic Internet Resource Extended and Updated

Constantin von Altrock (cva@inform-ac.com)
Fri, 9 May 1997 08:49:08 +0200

PRESS RELEASE -- For immediate publication

Fuzzy Logic Internet Resource Extended and Updated

Chicago/Aachen; April 30, 1997. Inform Software Corporation and
INFORM GmbH announce the availability of their extended fuzzy logic
Internet server at "www.fuzzytech.com". This server, containing
application papers, technical notes, and information on Fuzzy Logic
and NeuroFuzzy technologies, has been enhanced and extended. Now, more
than 400 Megabytes of uncompressed background material on fuzzy logic
is available online from this web site.

"We were overwhelmed with the success of our web server," says
Constantin von Altrock, Director of INFORM's Fuzzy Technology
Division," in the last half year, more than 25 Gigabytes of
information and software has been downloaded from our server". To
provide even better information to practitioners interested in real
life fuzzy logic applications, INFORM quadrupled the amount of
information on the web server in April 1997: - New application notes
on recent highly successful fuzzy logic applications have been added.
- Ready-to-use fully functional fuzzy logic plug-in's for popular
process control systems such as InTouch, TheFIX, and LabVIEW can be
downloaded with full documentation and sample projects. - The new
fuzzyTECH 5.0 fuzzy logic design software can be downloaded as Demo
version. fuzzyTECH is the industry's first fuzzy logic design software
that supports ISO 9000 compliant development, and is based on the new
ISC 1131-7 standard for fuzzy logic implementations.

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