Hello from new member.

Charles Fiterman (cef@geodesic.com)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 10:25:54 +0200

We make a conservative garbage collector for C & C++.

There are several complex decisions internal to the
collector such as:
Collect, expand, footprint-reduce?
Allocate multiple copies for this allocation size?
Keep seperate pools for threads on this size allocation?

I would like to experiment with fuzzy logic to make
these decisions.

In general their performance requirments are really
not that high at least by the standards of garbage
collector performance where we count every cycle
and spend hours trying to eliminate cycles from some
actions. These decisions only occur a few hundred times
in the execution of a program at most.

So what I need is a C++ class library where I can easily
imbed the logic for a few decisions in a larger system
and play with it without too much overhead. The end
result must be small.

Any suggestions?

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A computer language without garbage collection
is like a city without garbage collection.