fuzzy principles of music

Jan Haluska (jhaluska@saske.sk)
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 08:38:03 +0200

Dear colleagues,

in September, 1996, I was asked to chair the session
within the area OTHER TOPICS on the IFSA World Congress, Prague, 1997.
There have been accepted the following 6 papers for publication
in the Congress proceedings:

1. J.HALUSKA: Diatonic scales summary
2. V.LADMA: Harmonic bindings
3. V.LEFEBVRE and R.GARFIAS: Garbuzov zones and fuzzy musical structures
4. O.KULCSAROVA: More on fuzziness of 12-degree music scales
5. B.RIECAN: On a fuzzy isomorphism between Pythagorean and Praetorius tunings
6. J.RUT: The relativistic theory of musical motion

Please, if you are interested in "Fuzzy and Music",
reply the enclosed little questionnaire.
The information obtained from the questionnaires I will
(1) present at the FPM session in Prague,
(2) send to each club member who send me the answer (by e-mail).
Thank you in advance.


Jan Haluska
Mathematical Institute
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Gresakova 6
SK-040 01 Kosice

1. Name, Surname, address, e-mail:
2. I am interested: more deeply -- only for my cultural overview
3. Area of my interest:
(e.g. tone systems; production of music instruments; player; theorist;
building acoustics; composition; computer music; fuzzy logic in music;
4. I wrote a paper (book) about this (or related) topic: yes -- no
5. I ply a musical instrument: yes -- no
6. Remarks ...