Re: help needed for implementing fuzzy algo on 8051

Syndesis Ltd (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 15:22:15 +0200

Hi Anupama,

Syndesis FLDE for Embedded C is a fuzzy logic development environment that generates ANSI C code from your fuzzy logic design.
The code can then be compiled by most standard C compilers for 8051 like Tasking's.

I hope that helps

Alexandros Papaspyridis

Anupama Toshniwal <> wrote in article <>...
> Hi,
> I am intersted in implementing the fuzzy logic processing
> algorithm on a microcontroller(8051). I am a starter and just
> needed to know if there is some book or a site on the web that will provide
> hints as to how fuzzification, rule evaluation and the defuzzification
> steps could be done wiht this microcontroller. Else, could you
> provide me an idea of how I could get started. I have no particular
> application in mind and am doing it is part of my research project.
> I will very much appreciate if you could reply at the earliest.
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> Anupama Toshniwal.