Re: help needed for implementing fuzzy algo on 8051

Constantin von Altrock (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 13:40:35 +0200

Hi Anupama

You posted the following question:

> I am intersted in implementing the fuzzy logic processing
> algorithm on a microcontroller(8051). I am a starter and just
> needed to know if there is some book or a site on the web that will provide
> hints as to how fuzzification, rule evaluation and the defuzzification
> steps could be done wiht this microcontroller. Else, could you
> provide me an idea of how I could get started. I have no particular
> application in mind and am doing it is part of my research project.
> I will very much appreciate if you could reply at the earliest.

Intel Inc. and Inform Software Corp. have developed an entire fuzzy
logic toolkit for the 8051, called the "fuzzyTECH MCU-51 Edition".
You can find more information on this product line at:

(demo version also available from this web site)

If you have any further questions, mail to:

Or, contact me directly. To get ideas on what to get started with,
you will find a large number of application notes on the
aforementioned web server and in the books referenced on this web

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