SIGInterval mailing list

Vladik Kreinovich (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 10:19:05 +0200

The mailing list of the BISC Special Interest Group on
Interval Methods in Knowledge Representation (SIGInterval)

The mailing list,, is set up.

It is a mailing list with automatic maintenance by the
"majordomo" software.

This list is meant to stimulate discussion of topics
on interval methods in knowledge representation.
Conference announcements, preprint announcements,
book announcements, announcements of software availability and the like
are particularly welcome.

Anyone may automatically subscribe or unsubscribe themselves
from the list. To subscribe, send mail to:

and include the line:

subscribe interval

in the body. Similarly, to unsubscribe, send mail to, and include the line:

unsubscribe interval

in the body. To get a complete list of commands available
(such as adding persons other than yourself to the list),
send mail to, and include the line:


in the body.

To send to everyone in the list, send your message to:

The list is unmoderated, that is, any message sent to
the list will be posted directly to the entire list.
Please be thoughtful and considerate when posting articles
to the list.

Problems concerning the list itself should be
reported to Patricia Nava (
(who volunteered to be the secretary of the Special Interest Group)
or to me (but *not* to the list).

Vladik Kreinovich

P.S. Please visit the Special Interest Group website at
Any suggestions on this website will be helpful.

P.P.S. On behalf of the SIG members,
I want to thank Pat Wesley, our Department's
system administrator, for his great help.

P.P.P.S. Please note that the abbreviation of the SIG name is now
SIGInterval. It has been pointed out that the old abbreviation SIGINT
is already used by the Army as a standard abbreviation for signal
intelligence :-( I apologize for the inconvenience.