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Editors: HYACINTH S. NWANA & NADER AZARMI (BT Laboratories, UK)
Title: SOFTWARE AGENTS and SOFT COMPUTING: Concepts and Applications
Subtitle: Towards Enhancing Machine Intelligence
Series: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 1198
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Year: 1997

Backcover Text
In recent years, there has been a flurry of research and development in the
field of software agents, and now agent technology is widely accepted in
software engineering and artificial intelligence. Over the same period, the
new paradigm of soft computing has appeared as a promising technology for dealing
with fuzzy, uncertain, or vague information.

This carefully arranged book is mainly based on work done by the Intelligent
Systems Research Group at BT Laboratories, essentially in cooperation with
internationally leading scientists from outside BT. It opens with a detailed
introduction surveying the area of software agents and putting the work presented
in context. Conceptual issues surrounding intelligent agents and multi-agent
systems are investigated and the practical and industrial applicability of this
exciting new technology is demonstrated.

One section is devoted to the rationale, philosophy, and techniques of the
emerging area of soft computing. The final section outlines the broader context
in dealing with machine intelligence in general and intelligent software systems
in particular.

The book is an informative guide for engineers and scientists entering the
field of software agents and soft computing. Experienced R&D professionals will
find it a valuable survey and handy reference.a

Introduction IX

SECTION 1: Software Agents - Concepts

An Introduction to Agent Technology (Hyacinth S. Nwana & Divine T. Ndumu) 3
Artificial Societies and Psychological Agents (Stuart N. Watt) 27
Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems (Hyacinth S. Nwana, Lyndon C. Lee &
Nick R. Jennings) 42
Software Agent Technologies (Hyacinth S. Nwana & Mike Wooldridge) 59

SECTION 2: Software Agents - Applications

Information Agents for the World Wide Web (John N. Davies, Richard Weeks &
Mike Revett) 81
Multi-Agent Matchmaking (Lenny Foner & Barry Crabtree) 100
An Application of Social Filtering to Movie Recommendation (Donald Fisk) 116
Agents of Change for Business Process Management (Paul O'Brien & Mark Wiegand) 132
Agents, Mobility and Multimedia Information (Richard Titmuss, Barry Crabtree &
Chris Winter) 146
A Real-life Experiment in Creating an Agent Market Place (Anthony Chavez,
D. Dreilinger, R. Guttman and Pattie Maes) 160

SECTION 3: Soft Computing - Concepts and Applications

The Roles of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing in the Conception, Design and
Deployment of Intelligent Systems (Lotfi A. Zadeh) 183
An Introduction to Soft Computing: A Tool for Building Intelligent
Systems (Ben Azvine, Nader Azarmi & K. C. Tsui) 191
Basic Concepts of a Fuzzy Logic Data Browser with Applications (Jim Baldwin &
T. P. Martin) 211
Towards Soft Computing (E. H. Mamdani) 242

SECTION 4: Machine Intelligence

The Rise of Machine Intelligence (Hyacinth S. Nwana, Nader Azarmi &
Robin Smith) 253
Intelligent Software Systems (Robin Smith and E. H. Mamdani) 262
Machine Intelligibility and the Duality Principle (Steve Muggleton &
Donald Michie) 276

Index 293

Software Agents & Soft Computing: Concepts and Applications, by Hyacinth S. Nwana &
Nader Azarmi (Eds), Published in January 1997 by Springer-Verlag as Lecture Notes
in Artificial Intelligence Volume 1198, 298 pages. Includes index.
ISBN: 3-540-62560-7. Softback

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