RE: Question: Fast Div.-Algorithm for COG Defuzzification

Constantin von Altrock (
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 14:29:03 +0100

Dear Gunawan Setiabudi

You posted the following question:

> What about 68hc11?? Is this MCU can be a satisfying MCU to do the fuzzy
> logic...?

Using state-of-the art code generation techniques, EVERY 8-bit MCU is
capable of running fuzzy logic systems. Our fuzzyTECH MCU-CP Edition
implements fuzzy logic systems on PIC16C5x MCUs, that have as little
as 24 byte of RAM and 512 words of ROM (one of them is used in a
fuzzy logic speed limiter application, you find an app note at

The question is, does the MCU perform the computation fast enough? We
have conducted a number of benchmarks on different MCUs that can give
you an overview on MCU performance. You find the benchmark results at Even huge fuzzy logic systems compute
in less than 20 milliseconds on EVERY 8-bit MCU benchmarked! Only if
you need faster response than this (few applications do) you need to
ask the delailled questions about which MCU delivers "satisfying"

By the way, we are currently developing a code generator for the
68hc11 in cooperation with Motorola. It should be ready for shipment
this summer...

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