NEW MIT BOOK! "Mathematical Methods for Neural Net Analysis &Design"

Richard M Golden (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 07:56:47 +0100

Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design
Richard M. Golden

ISBN 0-262-07174-6
Cloth ($65.00), 432 pages.
1-800-356-0343 (MIT BOOK ORDER Department)

This textbook teaches students how to carefully use a powerful set of
mathematical tools for analyzing and designing a wide variety of
NONLINEAR HIGH-DIMENSIONAL Artificial Neural Network (ANN) systems.

Chapter 1: ANN systems with Neuroscience, Psychology, Engineering Applications
Chapter 2: Specific ANN system architectures; classification/learning paradigms
Chapter 3: LaSalle's Invariant Set Theorem for behavioral analysis of ANNs
Chapter 4: Stochastic Approximation Theorem for behavioral analysis of ANNs
Chapter 5: Nonlinear Optimization Theory for ANN system design
Chapters 6,7: Bayesian Decision Theory and Markov Random Fields for the
design of "rational" ANN classification/learning objective functions.
Chapter 8: Confidence intervals for an ANN system's predictions. Statistical
tests for: (i) pruning/adding units, and (ii) model selection.
Solutions: Solutions to over 100 ANN system analysis and design problems

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