Question: Fast Div.-Algorithm for COG Defuzzification

Kumada (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:58:16 +0100

Hi to everyone, who reads this fuzzy-list!

I'm interested in a (really) fast algorithm for the defuzzification on a
microcontroller system (8051). The problem is, that the general division
algorithm for the big division at the end of the COG-method (16 Bit
value divided by an 8 bit value) is quite time consuming and all the
implementations I know use a hardware based division.

A speed up by the factor 5 to 10 would be enough (instead of 600
Microsec only 100 microsec or less ...)

I thank everyone, who is able to send me a usable hint, in advance -
arigato gozai masu!!!

(Wolfgang GRAFF)
MCE - DENki TSUshin DAIgaku, Chofu, Tokyo