Special Session on Artificial Immune Systems (CFP)

Dipankar Dasgupta (dasgupta@zebra.msci.memphis.edu)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 11:48:16 +0100


Special Session on
"Artificial Immune Systems and Their Applications"
at SMC'97

1997 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics
October 12-15, 1997.
Orlando, Florida

As part of the International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics,
a special session is planned on Artificial Immune Systems and Their
Applications. This interdisciplinary session will be the second event
in this field, after the highly successful workshop on "Immunity-Based
Systems" held in Japan on December 10, 1996. The session will be
devoted to exploring different immunological mechanisms and their
relation to information processing and problem solving.

The scope of the special session will include the following topics
(but are not limited to):

* Computational methods based on Immunological principles
* Artificial Immune systems for Pattern Recognition
* Immunity-based system for Anomaly or fault detection
* Immune Network Models and their applications
* Immunity-based system as a multi-agent system
* Multi-agent approach for modeling and simulating immune systems
* Immunity-based systems for self-diagnosis and self-organization
* Immunity-based approach for collective intelligence
* Immunity-based systems for optimization and search
* The immune system as a prototype of Autonomous Decentralized Systems
* Immunity-based approach for Artificial Life
* Immunity-based approach for security of information systems
* Immunological approach against computer viruses and internet worms
* The immune system as a metaphor for computer based learning systems
* Immunity-based systems as a distributed learning system
* Immunological Computation for data mining

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers related to the listed topics.
Those who are interested should send a title and an extended abstract
(not more than 300 words) on or before March 10, 1997 via email or
air mail to the address below:

Session Chair:
Dipankar Dasgupta
Computer Science Division
Mathematical Science Dept.
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152-6429.
Tel: (901) 678-4147
Fax: (901) 678-2480
Home Page: http://www.msci.memphis.edu/~dasgupta

Important Dates:

March 10, 1997 Extended Abstract Due
April 20, 1997 Notification of Acceptance
June 15, 1997 Final Submission

For general information of SMC'97, please visit the web page of the
conference at http://www.rpi.edu/~smc97.