UCLA short course on "Wavelets, Fuzzy Logic, Chaos, and Neural Networks"

Goodin, Bill (bgoodin@unex.ucla.edu)
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 09:58:34 +0100

On June 2-6, 1997, UCLA Extension will present the short course,
Fuzzy Logic, Chaos, and Neural Networks: Multiresolution Soft-Computing
Principles and Applications", on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

The instructor is Harold Szu, PhD, Lamson Professor of Computer Science,
University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, and Past President of
the International Neural Network Society (INNS).

This course presents the multiresolution soft-computing principles and
applications of several different but related disciplines--wavelets,
networks, fuzzy logic, and chaos--in the context of multiresolution
in human sensors system. This "soft-computing" with words instead of
yes-or-no binary logic is useful for signal classification and
pattern recognition, control of engineering tolerance imprecision, and
prediction of fluctuating time series.

Various applications in chaos, fuzzy logic, wavelet transforms and
net learning are illustrated in terms of spatiotemporal information
processing, such as: signal/image de-noise; signal classification;
control device/machine chaos; communication coding; chaotic heart and
biomedical applications; intelligent bisensors such as pacemakers and
hearing aids; bomb 'sniffers'; and discrete wavelet transform subband
coding for image compression.

The course fee is $1495, which includes extensive course materials.
These materials are for participants only, and are not for sale.

For additional information and a complete course description, please
contact Marcus Hennessy at:

(310) 825-1047
(310) 206-2815 fax

This course may also be presented on-site at company locations.