fuzzy-logic for solar power plant

Markus Eck (steam@dv.st.dlr.de)
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 08:39:05 +0100

Hi guys,

since a couple of days I`m occupying myself with fuzzy-logic.
I have to develop a control system for a solar steam generator.
The evaporation occurs inside of a horizontal tube on which
solar rays are concentrated by means of a parabolic collector.

If someone has expernience with the development of a digital
fuzzy-controller with PI and/or PI-T behaviour in the field of
chemical/process/energy engineering I would be pleased about every
constructive idea.

I'm also looking for Subroutines developped for similar applications
(if possible written in Fortran 77) for the Fuzzifier/Interference
Mechanism and MAINLY for the Defuzzifier which works
according the "center of gravitity" method.


Angione Pasquale ( steam@dlr.de )