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Fri, 28 Feb 1997 14:02:16 +0100

MATRA CAP Systemes is a leading company in the field of Communication and Information Systems (C.I.S). Our researches led us to develop some libraries in order to represent imprecise, uncertain, uncomplete and hypothetical information within Object-Oriented Databases which includes :

- numerical imprecision : ill-known numerical values
- symbolic imprecision : enumeration of possible values
- imprecise geolocated data : imprecise area, in 2D and 3D
- notion of "fuzzy references"
- etc, ...

As far as uncertainty is concerned the proposed models enables the representation of the doubt as far as the existence of an object in the database is concerned, and implements a model based on possibility theory to allow belief revision.
This library is part of an extended data model compliant with the ODMG-93 standard and is currently developped on existing commercial object oriented databases products.
In this context, we would be interested with having some contacts with industrial or academic partners in order to evaluate the potential interest of this new technology, to improve and extend it. Among the potential applications of this technology :

- financial and trading applications
- medical and health applications
- Civilian Communication and Information Systems,
- etc, ...

For anyone interested, please contact:

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