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Educational Package of Software Tool FIDE
-- Fuzzy Inference Development Environment
(3 books & a demo disk @ $95.00)

2040 Kington Place, Santa Clara, CA
Tel: 408-261-1898, Fax: 408-490-2729,
[NOTE] Product information of Fide EduPak is provided worldwide only via
web or email,
unless otherwise requested by customers.

Product Specifications: Three reference books and a 3.5" software demo
Price: $95 plus shipping and handling.

[Description of Fide Demo Disk]
The demo kit has complete Fide features except (1) you can not save files,
(2) Compiler is disabled, (3) real-time code generators are diabled, (4)
functions of the Composer are disabled - examples are already made. It
6 examples: (a) anti-block braker system (ABS) for cars, (b) 1st-order
pendulum, (c) 2nd-order inverted pendulum, (d) triuck backup controller,
(e) fan
controller1, (f) fan controller2.

Book One: USER'S MANUAL (289 pages)

Part I Fide Tutorial
chapter 1 Fuzzy Inference
fuzzy sets, rules, fuzzification, defuzzification, multiple input/outputs,
logical operators.
chapter 2 Developing Fuzzy Inference Units
Fide source code, debuger, simulation, object code generators (assembly, C,
Matlab, Java)
chapter 3 Developing A Fuzzy Inference System
FIDE CAD Composer, graphics editor, data flow viewer, system
Part II User's Guide
chapter 4 Creating Fide source files
File, Edit, Window, Help menus, keyboard and mouse editing functions
chapter 5 Editing Membership Functions (MF)
Graphical command, MF Editor, Toolbar, Display, Options, Rule Matrix
chapter 6 Compiling Source Code
chapter 7 Debugging and Analysing
Debug command, Tracer, Analyser (3-D display, contour, cross-sectional
views), Simulator, Signal
Generator (sinusoidal, exponential, period, amplitude, phase, damping,
noise, .), Zoom-in/out
chapter 8 Generating Real Time Code
ANSI C, MatLab, Java, Assembly (Motorola MCU 6800 series, Intel MCSx96
chapter 9 Composing A System
Composer functions, File, Edit, Graphics, Make, Debug, Window, Help,
Appendix A Working Files. Appendix B Messages. Appendix C Fide 2.0 INI
file. Index

Book Two: REFERENCE MANUAL (108 pages)
Part I Fide Inference Language
chapter 1 Preliminary
Overview, Morphologic Terms (identifiers, number, string, symbols,
comment), FIU, FOU, FEU
chapter 2 Fuzzy Inference Unit (FIU)
Definition, inference chart, logical operators, grade, variables, label, MF
chapter 3 FIU Grammar
Program, header, varClause, rangeSpec, listSpec, copySpec, singletonSpec,
Rule Clause
chapter 4 FOU (fuzzy operation unit) Grammar
Syntax, Semantics, calcClauseSequence, tableClause
chapter 5 FEU (fuzzy execution unit) Grammar - C program interface for
non-fuzzy subroutines
Appendix A Context Free Grammar - FIU, FOU, FEU
Appendix B Identifiers - Overview, Definitions
Appendix C listSpec Example
Appendix D Rule Macros and Matrix - syntax, expansion, example, rule
Part II Fide Composer Language
chapter 6 Preliminary - Overview (identifier, number, float, special
chapter 7 Grammar and Description - Syntax formulas, program, units,
data flow specifications
chapter 8 Graphics Representation

Book Three: FIDE QUICK START GUIDE (38 pages)
-- Getting Started with Aptronix FIDE2.0
chapter 1 Introduction - quick start guide, FIDE package
chapter 2 Installing FIDE
chapter 3 A Brief Look at FIDE - basics, rule editor, MF editor, debugger,

composer, code generators
chapter 4 Customer Service - technical support, web site, project

2040 Kington Place, Santa Clara, CA
Tel: 408-261-1898, Fax: 408-490-2729,

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