Re: fuzzy intervals, second try

Michael V. Caprio Jr. (mikecap@WPI.EDU)
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 19:34:57 +0100

In article <> you write:

>You will find my last and shortest paper on this subject in
> author = {Hisdal, E.},
> title = {Open-Mindedness and Probabilities versus Possibilities},
> booktitle={Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications},
> publisher = {Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston},
> year = {1996},
> editor = {Da Ruan},
> pages = {27-55} .
>Fig. 2 of this paper explains in detail how this fuzzification comes about.
>If you do not have this book, I can send you a copy of the paper right
>away by air-mail. Please let me know by email.

Would it be possible to obtain a copy of this paper for myself and my
team? We are working on creating a general purpose Fuzzy Inference
Engine, and your work might be helpful...


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