[Frequently Asked Questions] Fuzzy-Mail News

Fri, 14 Feb 1997 09:59:19 +0100

The latest version of the frequently asked questions list (including
answers) for comp.ai.fuzzy can be retrieved by sending the command
GET LISTPROC FUZZY.FAQ to listproc@dbai.tuwien.ac.at in the
body of an otherwise empty mail.

Mail-traffic coming from fuzzy-mail can be quite heavy. Therefore, we
urge you to read fuzzy-mail through the internet-news-group
comp.ai.fuzzy, by scanning the archives at
http://www.dbai.tuwien.ac.at/marchives/fuzzy-mail/index.html, or by
using some email-message selection software such as procmail.

To unsubscribe from fuzzy-mail, send the command UNSUB FUZZY-MAIL in
the body of an otherwise empty mail to listproc@dbai.tuwien.ac.at
from your mailing-address known to the system (if it changed, write
directly to fuzzy-owner@dbai.tuwien.ac.at).

This message is automatically distributed whenever the frequently asked
questions list is updated, which is normally every 13th of the month.
Let us remind you of how to get more information concerning the use of
the fuzzy-mail list: just send the command GET FUZZY-MAIL INFO
to listproc@dbai.tuwien.ac.at in the body of an otherwise
empty mail.

For further questions, please get in contact with

Marco Poloni
MPA - Materialpruefunganstalt - Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 32
70569 Stuttgart - Germany
Fax +49 711 685 3947
E-mail: fuzzy-owner@dbai.tuwien.ac.at


Wolfgang Slany
Institut fuer Informationssysteme (Nr. 184/2)
Technische Universitaet Wien
Paniglg. 16, A-1040 Vienna, Austria (Europe)
Fax: +43-1-5055304
E-mail: fuzzy-owner@dbai.tuwien.ac.at
Message sent: Fri Feb 14 09:08:18 MET 1997