ERUDIT Symposium Bari 20-21.3.1997

Karl Lieven (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 07:49:20 +0100

Dear colleagues:

the European Symposium on Intelligent Techniques will take place from

March 20-21, 1997

in Bari.

The symposium shows state-of-the-art presentations as well as new
developments in fuzzy logic and uncertainty modelling. In plenary and
semi-plenary presentations reputated researchers and industrialists will
present the results related to the different areas of ERUDIT. The symposium
will have parallel sessions (one track in Italian) where experts present their
newest developments and applications.

The main topics discussed will be:

- Theory and basics of uncertainty modelling and fuzzy logic
- Applications of fuzzy logic and uncertainty modelling in

- Primary (e.g. mining, agriculture, etc.)
- Process Industries
- Components, Capital and Consumer Goods
- Traffic and Telecommunication
- Human-, Medical and Healthcare
- Finance, Trade and Services

The participants will have the opportunity:

- to discuss and exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face.
- to establish business or research relations with those people who are
important in the area of uncertainty modelling and fuzzy logic.
- to find European partners for future collaboration.

The final programme and all other information you can find at

or please return an e-mail to me to forward you a copy of the

We hope to see you in Bari.

Best regards

Karl Lieven
Chairman Organization committee
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