Re: fuzzy intervals, second try

Ellen Hisdal (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:30:20 +0100

Dear Dan,

In my opinion a membership function IS a fuzzy interval. For example
if you start with a nonfuzzy interval for `tall man', such as 175-250 cm,
then the membership function for `tall man' is a fuzzification of this
interval due to different sources of fuzziness assumed by the subject
who specifies the membership fuction.

You will find my last and shortest paper on this subject in
author = {Hisdal, E.},
title = {Open-Mindedness and Probabilities versus Possibilities},
booktitle={Fuzzy Logic Foundations and Industrial Applications},
publisher = {Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston},
year = {1996},
editor = {Da Ruan},
pages = {27-55} .
Fig. 2 of this paper explains in detail how this fuzzification comes about.

If you do not have this book, I can send you a copy of the paper right
away by air-mail. Please let me know by email.

Best greetings from