cesa'98 the first call for papers

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LILLE, 10th Feb 1997

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Please find enclosed the first annoucement and call For Papers of th 2nd IMACS
International Multiconference : CESA'98.

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First Announcement and Call For Papers

2nd IMACS International Multiconference : CESA'98

Computational Engineering in Systems Applications

Co-Sponsored by IEEE

Nabeul-Hammamet, April 1-4, 1998

General Chair

Chairmen :
P. Borne (France), M. Ksouri (Tunisia)

Vice-Chaiman :
A. El Kamel (France / Tunisia)

Honorary Committee

D. Al-Gobaisi (U.A.E.) M. Jamshidi (USA) G. Schmidt (Germany)
D. Atherton (UK) W. Karplus (USA) M. G. Singh (UK)
D. Brown (USA) H. Kwakernaak (The Netherlands) R. Soenen(France)

F. Cellier (USA) V. Lakshmikantham (USA) M. Staroswiecki(France)
G. Dauphin-Tanguy (France)G. Q. Li (China) T. Takamori (Japan)
J.C. Gentina (France) R. Saeks (USA) T. J. Tarn (USA)
W. Gruver (Canada) A. Sage (USA) S. G. Tzafestas
R. Vichnevetsky (USA)

The Multiconference on "Computational Engineering in Systems
CESA'98 is sponsored by IMACS and co-sponsored by IEEE/SMC.

The aim of this important meeting is to make the state of the art
of the various theoretical and practical aspects of computational
engineering involved in system theory and its applications.

The main application areas considered during the multiconference
will be : Aeronautics and Astronautics. Automation. Bank and Finance.
Biomedical Engineering. Car Industry. Chemical Engineering. Components and
Instrumentation. Economy and Management. Electrical Engineering. Energy
Systems. Environmental Systems. Food Industry. Integrated
Manufacturing. Management. Marine and Off-Shore Control. Medicine. Production
Industry. Robotics. Telecommunications. Textile Industry. Transportation
Systems. Utilities...

Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Control

Chairmen :
A. Sydow (Germany) (sydow@prosun.first.gmd.de)
M. Benrejeb (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.872.729)
Secretaries :
W. Perruquetti (France) (perruque@ec-lille.fr)
N. Ben Hadj Braiek (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.391.166)
IPC Members :
M. Annabi (Tunisia), J. Bernussou (France), P. Breedveld
(TheNetherlands), V. Capellini (Italy), M. Delgado (Venezuela), Ph.Deshayes
(France), A. El Kamel (France), F. Filip (Romania), M. Fliess(France), S.
Gafsi (Tunisia), K. Gopalsamy (USA), R. Gorez (Belgium), P. Groumpos
(Greece), L. Grujic (France), R. Hanus (Belgium), A. Jakeman(Australia), T.
Kaczorek (Poland),V. Kucera (Czech), N. Kuznetsov (Russia), R. LeDoeuff
(France), A. N. Michel (USA), A. Mukherjee (India), M. Nakano (Japan),G.
Olivier (Canada), A. Oustaloup (France), J. P. Richard (France), C.Rombaut
(France), R. Skelton (USA), B. Tamm (Estonia), W. Thissen (TheNetherlands),
I. Troch (Austria), R. Turki (Tunisia), K. Watanabe (Japan), C. Wen(China),
K. P. White (USA), P. Zheng (China).

Topics : Adaptive control. Advances in simulation. Artificial
intelligence in simulation. Bond graphs. CAD control. Controllability and
observability. CRONE control. Distributed parameter systems.
Estimating methods. Expert systems for modeling. Fuzzy control. Genetic
algorithms. Human/System interaction. Identification. Implementation. Integrated Engineering. Intelligent controand practices. Model reduction. Model validity. Multivariable systems. Neural nets approach. Non linear systems. Optimal control. Predictive control. Robust control. Simulation tools. Stability analysis. Stochastic control. Time delay systems. Uncertain systems.

Symposium on Industrial Systems and Manufacturing

Chairpersons :
I. Costea (USA) (icostea@csun.edu)
R. Chaabouni (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.796.165)
Secretaries :
S. Hammadi (France) (hammadi@ec-lille.fr)
R. Ben Abdennour (Tunisia) (fax :
IPC Members :
P. Albertos (Spain), K. Barkaoui (France), L. Camarinha-Matos
(Portugal), C. G. Cassandras (USA), J. Chen (China), E. Craye(France), C.
W. De Silva (Canada), F. DiCesare (USA), I. Dumitrache (Romania), P.M.
Frank (Germany), S. Gherissi (Tunisia), M. Moalla (Tunisia), B. Morcego-Seix
(Spain), K. Pattipati (USA), R. Patton (UK), C. Philip Chen (USA), B.Pradin
(France), G. V. S. Raju (USA), B. Rezig (Tunisia), C. Sibertin-Blanc
(France), M. Silva (Spain), A. Villa (Italy), M. Zhou (USA).

Topics : Agile manufacturing. Automata. Batch processes. Computer
aided design. Computer integrated manufacturing. Control and optimization of
industrial processes. Discrete event and hybrid systems. Expert
Fault accommodation and system reconfiguration. Fault detection,diagnosis
and isolation. Flexible manufacturing systems. Human/machineinteraction.
Implementation of manufacturing systems. Instrumentation. Largediscrete
event systems. Network stability. Oriented object modeling andsimulation.
Performance analysis and optimization. Perturbation analysis. Petri
Planning and scheduling. Production management. Quality control. Rapid
prototyping. Risk Analysis. Smart sensors and actuators. Supervisory
control. Supervisory and supervision. System science methodology and

Symposium on Applied Mathematics and Optimization

Chairmen :
V. Matrosov (Russia) (fax : 7.095.932.78.80)
K. Mellouli (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.775.944)
Secretaries :
A.K.A. Toguyeni (France) (toguyeni@ec-lille.fr)
M. Houari (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.746.551)
IPC Members :
S. Ahmad (USA), P. L. Antonelli (Canada), T. Baeck
(Germany), F. Ben Abdelaziz (Tunisia), Ph. Chritienne (France), D. Dubois (France),I. Farkas (Hungary), T. Hadhri (Tunisia), Y. Haimes (USA), L. Hatvani
(Hungary), A. Isidori (Italy), J. Y. Jaffray (France), H. Karkar(France),
V. Kolmanovskii (Russia), J. Korbicz (Poland), L. Kuzmina (Russia), G.
Laporte (Canada), T. Li (China), M. Limam (Tunisia), A. D. Mc Donald
(Australia), Z. Michalewicz (USA), M. Minoux (France), N. S.Papageorgiou
(Greece), P. Penel (France), N. Piera (Spain), J. C. Pomerol (France),R.
Riganti (Italy), C. Roucairol (France), I. Shahrour (France), P. P.Shenoy
(USA), D. D. Siljak (USA), P. K. Srimani (USA), Ph. Smets (Belgium),
J.Teghem (Belgium), R. Temam (France), A. Titli (France), A. Trabelsi
(Tunisia), P. J. Van Der Houven (The Netherlands), S. Vassilyev(Russia), R.
R. Yager (USA).

Topics : Chronological series. Conflict analysis. Cognitive
systems and engineering. Combinatory optimization. Convex optimization. Data
fusion. Decision support systems. Decision theory and technologies. Decision
making. Distributed decision making. Estimation methods. Evidence theory.
Expert systems. Finite elements. Fuzzy sets. Genetic algorithms. Graph
theory. Game theory. Information and decision systems. Knowledge based systems.
Knowledge support systems. Linear optimization. Management of information
systems. Mathematical modeling. Meta heuristics and optimization. Multicriteria
and group decision making. Multiobject optimization. Multicriteria
optimization. Neural networks. Number theory. Optimization heuristics and search methods. Operations research. Ordinary differential equations. Partial
differential equations. Possibility theory. Probability and hazard management.
Qualitative reasoning. Risk assessment. Risk management. Statistics.
Stochastic optimization. Symbolic computation. Uncertainty management.

Symposium on Signal Processing and Cybernetics

Chairmen :
T. Fukuda (Japan) (fukuda@mein.nagoya-u.ac.jp)
A. Dhouib (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.792.149)
Secretaries :
Ph. Vanheeghe (France) (pva@isen.fr)
R. M'Hiri (Tunisia) (fax : 216.1.442.322)
IPC Members :
T. Arai (Japan), P. Y. Arques (France), T. Bennani
(Morocco), J.C. Bertrand (France), A. Bouallegue (Tunisia), P. N. Brett (England), C. H.Chen (USA), P. Coiffet (France), N. De Claris (USA), N. Ellouze
(Tunisia), G. Favier (France), L. Foulloy (France), R. Henriksen (Norway) ,K.
Hirota (Japan), K. Ito (Japan), R.A. Jarvis (Australia), N. Karayiannis
(USA), W. Khalil (France), T. Kohosen (Finland), B. Kosko (USA), P. Laplante
(USA), G. Menga (Italy), A. Meystel (USA), R. J. Mitchell (England), M. Najim
(France), H. Nour Eldin (Germany), B. J. Oommen (Canada), S. K. Pal(India),
V. Piuri (Italy), H. Prade (France), G. P. Rao (U.A.E.), H. B. Verbruggen
(The Netherlands), K. Warvick (England), H. Zangar (Tunisia).

Topics : Adaptive and learning systems. Artificial intelligence.
Artificial vision. Automation engineering. Behavior decision making.
Biocybernetics. Computer vision. Data fusion. Decision analysis.
Education and multimedia. FFT and spectral analysis. Filter analysis and
implementation. Filter design. Filtering. Fuzzy systems and technics.
Graphical interfaces. Human computer interaction and virtual reality.
Human decision making. Human factors in design. Human-machine systems. Image
processing and computer vision. Intelligence decision support systems.
Intelligent theory and knowledge acquisition. Internet. Interpolation.
Learning methods. Machine learning. Mecatronics. Medical decision
making. Medical informatics. Multirobot coordination. Nets and local area
networks. Neural networks and computational intelligence. Pattern recognition
and classification. Prosthetics. Real time A.I. based systems. Real time
systems. Robot assembly. Robot interfaces. Robotics. Robot programming

languages. Sensors and actuators. Signal processing. Statistics,
forecasting and classification. Telecommunications. Telerobotics and
telemanipulation. Training technology.
Organizing Committee :

Honorary Chair :
M. H. Fantar (Tunisia)

Chair :
P. Serniclay (serniclay@ec-lille.fr) (France)

Secretary :
O. Korbaa (korbaa@ec-lille.fr) (France)

Members :
K. Ben Driss (Tunisia), P. Berruet (France), P. Borne
(France), F. Delmotte (France), A. El Kamel (France/Tunisia), J. Ezzine (Tunisia),S. Hajri (France), L. Hdhili (Tunisia), A. Kochbati (Tunisia), M. Ksouri
(Tunisia), Z. Lafhaj (France), F. Ly (France), F. M'Sahli (Tunisia),
M. Tagina (Tunisia), J. Zrida (Tunisia)
Partner Institutions :

Ecole Centrale de Lille (EC Lille).
Institut Supirieur des Etudes Technologiques, Tunis (ISET).
Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Tunis (IHEC).
Ecole Nationale d'Inginieurs de Tunis (ENIT).
Faculti des Sciences de Tunis (FST).
Ecole Polytechnique de Tunis (EPT).
Institut Supirieur de Gestion, Tunis (ISG).
Deadlines :

September 15, 1997
Submission of draft papers or extented abstracts (3 copies).

September 30, 1997
Submission of invited sessions.

December 1, 1997
Notification of acceptance.

January 30, 1998
Submission of camera ready papers.

The Multiconference will include both submitted papers and invited
sessions. For submitted papers, potential authors are required to present three
copies of a draft paper or at least of an extended abstract (about 3 usual
size pages) including five keywords to specify the concerned scientific

In order to avoid "shadow papers", authors are asked to confirm their
participation and to regulate the registration fees before having
their accepted paper published in the proceedings of the conference.

Authors regulating their registration fees on site, will have their
communications published in supplementary proceedings.

English is the official language of the Multiconference.

Any submission or correspondance related to the conference is to be
sent to the organizing committee :

CESA'98 Secretary
Ecole Centrale de Lille
BP 48, Cite scientifique
59651 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
Fax : +33.
E-mail : cesa98@ec-lille.fr
URL : http://www.ec-lille.fr/~cesa98/


      ___/     ___/     ___/     ____/       CESA'98 Secretary
     /        /        /        /   /        Ecole Centrale de Lille
    /        _/       /___     ___ /         BP 48 Cite scientifique
   /        /            /    /   /          59651 Villeneuve d'Ascq
 ____/     ____/     ___/    /   /           France

Fax : 03 20 33 54 99 E-mail : cesa98@ec-lille.fr URL : http://www.ec-lille.fr/~cesa98 -----------------------------------------------------------------------