BISC Seminar, 14 February 1997, 310 Soda Hall, 4-5:00pm

Michael Lee (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 10:40:13 +0100

Fuzzy and multi-agents models: from universality to feasibility

BISC Seminar

Antoine Duchateau
Iridia - ULB
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50, av. Franklin Roosevelt
1150 Bruxelles
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14 February 1997
310 Soda Hall


The problem of regression has became fundamental in the fuzzy
and neural community. Several models have been developed
(ANFIS, MLP, Mixture of Experts, ...) with more or less
success. All these models can be classified on the basis of the
assumptions they do on the data. The aim of this talk will be to
emphasize the duality between the number of assumptions on
the data and the difficulty of the optimization process. New kinds
of multi-agents structures and improved techniques of
optimization will be presented.

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