Re: A mini course in fuzzy control

Jan Jantzen (
Fri, 7 Feb 1997 09:51:08 +0100

There is a course on the Internet,

It includes lecture notes, lessons, and a simulator in Matlab.
For a 20 hour version, we can cut out some of the lessons.

Regards, Jan Jantzen

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On Sat, 1 Feb 1997, Vladik Kreinovich wrote:

> >From
> Starting from March I'm teaching CS to phisics undergrads.
> They are in their last year and soon will go to companies, trying
> to apply what they learnt.
> In addition to the more or less standard course,
> I'm supposed to teach 20 hrs of a 'seminar' on any subject
> of interest in industrial applications.
> Students are very much interested in learning about fuzzy control,
> but unfortunately, I know next to nothing about it,
> and before March, there is not mucn time for me to prepare for it.
> My question is:
> is there available a _course package_ in fuzzy controls?
> I mean a set of notes/textbooks/case studies/computer programs/
> prepared by somebody who teaches fuzzy control at undergrad level,
> which I can adapt and exploit during these 20 hours.
> Thank you in advance for any sort of suggestion you'll find appropriate.
> Cheers
> Alessandro Provetti