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* Third Joint Conference on Information Sciences *

Lotfi A. Zadeh & Azriel Rosenfeld

March 1, 1997 (Tutorials)
March 2 - 5, 1997 (Conferences)

******************************** THEME ***********************************
* *
* *
* *

FT & T'97: Fifth International Conference on Fuzzy Theory & Technology
Chair: Paul P. Wang

CS & I'97: Third International Conference on Computer Science & Informatics
Co-Chairs: Mohamed Gouda & Hussein Abdel-Wahab

CI & N'97: Second International Conference on Computational Intelligence &
Co-Chairs: Subhash C. Kak & Jeffrey P. Sutton

RSSC'97: Fifth International Workshop on Rough Sets and Soft Computing
Co-Chairs: T. Y. Lin & Akira Nakamura

SCS'97: First International Workshop on Semiotic Analysis and Design of
Intelligent Systems
Chair: Alex Meystel

FEA'97: First International Workshop on Frontiers in Evolutionary Algorithms
Chair: Cezary Z. Janikow


James S. Albus Jim Anderson Heather Dalterio Earl Dowell
Erol Gelenbe David E. Goldberg Ulrich M. Gosele Stephen Grossberg
Kaoru Hirota Y. C. Ho John H. Holland Teuvo Kohonen
Keith Kreisher Richard Palmer Zdzislaw Pawlak Azriel Rosenfeld
John Staddon Paul O. Weislogel Max Woodbury Stephen S. Yau
Lotfi A. Zadeh Hans Zimmerman


James S. Albus Jim Anderson Roger Brockett Earl Dowell
David E. Goldberg Stephen Grossberg Y. C. Ho John H. Holland
Zdzislaw Pawlak Lotfi A. Zadeh



Recipient: John H. Holland


Recipient: Zdzislaw Pawlak



March 1 through 5, 1997
Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Convention Center
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

| |
| Information Science Journals - Sections A, B & C |
| |
| Elsevier Science Publishing Inc. |
| New York, N.Y. |
| |
| Machine Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic Laboratory |
| Duke University |
| |




Chair: Max Woodbury (Duke U.,USA)
Room A 8:15 - 9:00
Speaker: Jim Albus (NIST, USA)
``A Roadmap to the Future for Intelligent Systems''

Room A 9:00 - 9:50
Speaker: John Holland (U. of Michigan, USA) ( Special Information Science Award - Acceptance Speech )
``Emergence: Models, Metaphors & Innovation''

COFFEE BREAK 9:50 - 10:05

Session 1 (FT&T)
Fuzzy Mathematics
Chair: John Mordeson (Creighton U., USA)
Room A 10:05 - 12:20

``$S_n$-Compatible Fuzzy Matrices''
K.-H. Choi (Wonkwang U., KOREA)

``Reduced Fields, Primitive Fields and Fuzzy Galois Theory''
J. Mordeson (Creighton U., USA) ,Y. Alkhamees (King Saud

``From Fuzzy Sets to Crisp Sets''
M. Wierman (Creighton U., USA)

``Minimization of Fuzzy Finite Automaton''
D. Malik, J. Mordeson (Creighton U., USA) ,M. Sen
(Calcutta U., INDIA)

``Admissible Relations on Transition Spaces''
J. Mordeson, P. Nair (Creighton U., USA)

``Embedding Lattices of Fuzzy Subalgebras into Lattices of Crisp
A. Weinberger (Binghampton U., USA)

Session 2 (CS&I)
Image Processing
Chair: Frank Shih (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)
Room B 10:05 - 12:20

``Order Static Soft Morphologial Filters''
F. Shih,(New Jersey Inst. of Tech.,USA), C.-L. Lai, S.-C. Pei, J.-H. Horng (National Taiwan U.,TAIWAN,ROC)

``Automate Pavement Distress Detection System''
H. Cheng, M. Miyojim (Utah State U.,USA)

``A Morphologial Approach for Target Recognition''
F. Shih (New Jersey Inst. of Tech.,USA), M. Rosiek (RL/IRRE,USA)

``Approximate Substructure Search in a Database of 3D Graphs''
X. Wang, J. Wang (New Jersey Inst. of Tech.,USA)

``Object Oriented Software Development for Image Processing Toolkit''
F. Shih, N. Kannan (New Jersey Inst. of Tech., USA)

``Image Multiresolution Decomposition and Progressive Transmission using Wavelets''
F. Shih, R. Soodini (New Jersey Inst. of Tech.,USA), M. Rosiek (RL/IRRE,USA)

``A New Neural Network Architecture for Personal Handwritten Recognition''
J. Moh (AT\&T Bell Labs.,USA), F. Shih (New Jersey Inst. of Tech., USA)

``Local Deomposition of Structuring Elements for Morphological Image Processing on Hexagonal Grids''
S. Ohn, E. Wong (Polytechnic U.,USA)

Session 3 (Invited Session) (CI&N)
Intelligent Robotics and Control
Chair: P. Gaudiano (Boston U., USA)
Room C 10:05 - 12:20

``Visual memory-based learning for mobile robot navigation''
D. Nikovski (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)

``On topological diversity and multiple path planning''
J. Xiao, L. Zhang, Z. Michalewicz (U. of North Carolina,Charlotte,

``Visual processing by adaptive decorrelation''
W. Ross (U. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA)

``On-line algorithms for distributed manipulation with mobile
D. Rus (Dartmouth College, USA)

``Neural Competitive Maps for Reactive and Adaptive Navigation''
C. Chang, P. Gaudiano (Boston U., USA)

Session 4 (GA)
Evolutionary Models
Chair: Harouna Kabre ( Joseph Fourier U., FRANCE)
Room D 10:05 - 12:20

``The Role of Selection''
V. Estivill-Castro (Queensland U. of Tech., AUSTRALIA)

``Optimising GA Parameters using Statistical Approaches''
A. Petrovski, J. McCall (Robert Gordon U., U.K.)

``Estimating the Quality of GA Solutions Using Statistical Interface''
M. Sucur, T. Jacobs, A. Walker (SABRE Decision Technologies, USA)

``Evolutionary Structures: Evaluation Feedback between the Generic Simulation and the Genetic Synthesis''
C. Bela, B. Sandor (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HUNGARY)

``A Bi-population Scheme for Real-coded GAs: The Basic Concept''
S. Tsutsui, A. Ghosh, Y. Fujimoto, D. Corne (Hannan U., JAPAN)

``Substitution and Re-entry of Individuals in Genetic Algorithms''
A. Ghosh, S. Tsutsui, H. Tanaka, D. Corne (Osaka Prefecture U., JAPAN)

``A Markov Analysis of Generation Alternative Models on Minimal Deceptive
M. Yamamura, H. Satoh, S. Kobayashi (Tokyo Inst. of Tech., JAPAN)}

LUNCH 12:20 - 13:20

Chair: Cezary Janikow (U. of Missouri,St. Louis, USA)
Room A 13:20 - 14:10
``An Analysis of GA's and other Optimization Methods''
R. Shonkwiler (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Chair: Robert Erickson (Duke U.,USA)
Room B 13:20 - 14:10
``Neural Network and Fuzzy Chunking - An Approach to Higher Order Intelligence''
P. Werbos (National Science Foundation, USA)

Session 5 (CS\&I)
Network Management}
Chair: A. Puliafito (Universita di Catania, ITALY)
Room A 14:10 - 15:40

``A Java-based Distributed Network Management Architecture''
A. Puliafito, O. Tomarchio (Universita di Catania, ITALY), L. Vita (Universita di Messina, ITALY)

``A Mobile and Portable Manager for Network and System Management''
A. Sahay, C. Morin, S. Billiart (IRISA, FRANCE)

``On-line Bandwidth Allocation for MPEG Videos''
E. Fulp, D. Reeves (North Carolina State U.,USA)

``High-performance Monitoring Architecture for Large-scale Distributed Systems using Event Filtering''
E. Al-Shaer, H. Abdel-Wahab, K. Maly (Old Dominion U.,USA)

``A Comparative Study of Two Generic Resource Allocation Models''
A. Youssef, C. Wild, H. Abdel-Wahab, K. Maly (Old Dominion U.,USA)

``An Organizational Framework for Distributed Medical Information''
B. Lok, S. Bauer, S. Monachello, S. Shenoi (U. of Tulsa,USA), S. Finnerty (Wiltel Internet Servies, USA), A. Johnson (Servant Inst. of Radiology \& Cancer Treatment Center of Tulsa, USA)}

Session 6 (CS\&I)
Software Engineering and Reliable Computing}
Chair: T. Shih (Tamkang U., TAIWAN,ROC)
Room B 14:10 - 15:40

``Towards an Approach to Program Normalization and Restructuring''
A. Jaoua, H. Ammari (U. of Tunis, TUNISIA)

``Concurrent Software Testing using Task Decomposition Mechanism''
Y.-H. Wang, T. Shih, C.-M. Chung, J.-F. Chen, W.-C. Lin (Tamkang U.,TAIWAN,ROC)

``Hypercode : A New Approach to Program Documentation''
T. Shih, C.-H. Kuo, Y. Lin, C.-C. Wang (Tamkang U.,TAIWAN,ROC)

``A Based Logic Algorithm for Error Detection and Damage Assessment''
Y. Slimani, L. Majdoub (U. of Tunis, TUNISIA)

``Reliability Enhancement of Hypercube Architectures''
Y. Slimani, A. Sa\"{i}dene (U. of Tunis, TUNISIA)

``Performance of Distributed Simulation via Deadlock Detection and Recovery''
D. Kumar (City U. of New York,USA)

Session 7 (CI\&N)
Psychology and Neural Networks
Chair: J. Sutton (Mass. Inst. of Tech./Harvard U., USA)
Room C 14:10 - 15:40

``Predictive Medicine: Recovery Dynamics in Unipolar Depression''
J. Luciano, M. Cohen, M. Negishi, J. Samson (Harvard
Medical School, USA)

``Continuous Scaling in Cortical Networks''
J. Sutton (MIT, USA), J. Anderson (Mass. General Hospital, USA)

``A Model of Coupled Frontal Working Memories for Delayed
Response Tasks and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task''
O. Monchi, J. Taylor (King's College London, UK)

``Occasion Setting in Operant Conditioning''
N. Schmajuk, B. Zanutto, C. Buhusi (Duke U., USA)

``Two-dimensional Hodgkin-Huxley Equations for Mesoscopic
Analysis and Synthesis of Neural Membrane Functions''
A. Hirose (U. of Tokyo, JAPAN)

Session 8 (Invited Session) (GA)
Theory and Applications of Stochastic Search Algorithms
Chair: Ron Shonkwiler (Georgia Inst. of Tech., USA)
Room D 14:10 - 15:40

``Renewal Equations and Restarting Search Algorithms''
M. Spruill (Georgia Inst. of Tech., USA)

``Dynamically Determining Search Parameters for Monte Carlo
E. van Vleck (Colorado School of Mines, USA)

``Engineering the Stationary Distribution of a Genetic Algorithm
by Incorporating Population Rejection''
M. Meddin, R. Shonkwiler (Georgia Inst. of Tech., USA)

``Performance Evaluation of Iterative Improvement Algorithms
Combined with Random Restart Applied to Scheduling Problems''
F.Ghannadian, C. Alford, R. Shonkwiler (Georgia Inst. of
Tech., USA)

COFFEE BREAK 15:40 - 15:55

Session 9 (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Image Processing \& Pattern Recognition
Chair: E. Wong (Polytechnic U., USA)
Room A 15:55 - 17:55

``Fuzzy Logic Image Processing Applied to Electron Micrographs of
R. Hillebrand, U. Gosele (MPI of Microstructure,
GERMANY), P. Wang (Duke U., USA)

``Topological Deformations of Fuzzy Pictures''
A. Nakamura (Meiji U., JAPAN), A. Rosenfeld (U. of Maryland,College Park, USA)

``Type 2 Fuzzy Sets and Neuro-Fuzzy Clustering of Radiographic
Tibia Images''
R. John, P. Innocent (De Monyford U., U.K.) ,M. Barnes
(Leicester General Hospital, U.K.)

`A Novel Fuzzy Entropy Approach to Image Processing''
H.-D. Cheng, Y.-H. Chen (Utah State U., USA)

``A Novel Fuzzy Logic Approach to Microcalcification
H.-D. Cheng, J.-R. Chen (Utah State U., USA)

Session 10 (RSSC)
Rough Set Theory
Chair: M. Hadjimichael (Naval Research Lab., USA)
Room B 15:55 - 17:55

``Extensions and Intensions in the Rough Set Theory''
E. Bryniarski, U. Wybraniec-Skardowska, Z. Bonikowski (U. of Opole, POLAND)

``Modified Algorithms LEM1 and LEM2 for Rule Induction from Data with Missing Attribute Values''
A. Yang, J. Grzymala-Busse (U.of Kansas, USA)

``Rules in Incomplete Information Systems''
M. Kryszkiewicz (Warsaw U. of Technology, POLAND)

``Rough Set Reduct Networks''
D. Slezak (U. of Warsaw, POLAND)

``Rule Induction From Continuous Data''
N. Son (U. of Warsaw, POLAND)

``The Resolution Principles of Rough Logic with Operators''
Q. Liu (NanChang U., CHINA)

``Real Number, Dyadic Number, and Rough Number Structures and Computations''
T. Wu (U. of Southern Illinois, USA)

Session 11 (CS\&I)
Collaborative Computing
Chair: H. Abdel-Wahab (Old Dominion U., USA)
Room C 15:55 - 17:55

``Design and Implementation of a Multicast Audio Conferencing Tool for a Collaborative Computing Framework''
S. Chodrow, M. Hirsch, I. Rhee, S. Cheung (Emory U., USA)

``A Voice Pointer Synchronization Strategy for Collaborative Computing''
C.-H. Kuo, T. Shih, T.-F. Kuo, Y.-J. Yang (Tamkang U.,TAIWAN,ROC)

``Supporting Input Multiplexing in a Heterogeneous Environment''
A. Krantz, I. Rhee, C. Breuker, S. Chodrow, V. Sunderam (Emory U., USA)

``Distributed Floor-Management Algorithm using Reliable Multicasting''
H. Abdel-Wahab (Old Dominion U., USA)

``Design of Multiple User Distributed Visual Simulation System''
J.-y. Huang, C.-T. Fang-Tson, M.-Z. Dong, J.-F. Chen, S.-J. Wang, S.-Z. Wang (Tamkang U.,TAIWAN,ROC)

``MRS: An Integrated Medical Record System''
R. Mukkamala, K. Maly, I. Levinstein, E. Foudriat, C. Jolly, W. Ward, M. Carter (Old Dominion U., USA)

Session 12 (GA)
Evolutionary Applications I
Chair: Sushil Louis (U. of Nevada., USA)
Room D 15:55 - 17:55

``A Near Real-time Evolutive Strategy for Adaptive Color Quantization of Image Sequences''
A. Gonzalez, M. Grana, A. Anjou, F. Albizuri (Univ. Pais Vasco, SPAIN)}

``Distributed Evolutionary Optimization in MANIFOLD: the Rosenbrock's Function Case Study''
P. Bouvry, F. Arbab, F. Seredynski (CWI, The NETHERLANDS)

``Adaptive Information Filtering using Evolutionary Computation''
D. Tauritz, J. Kok, I. Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper (Leiden U.,The NETHERLANDS)

``Estimating the Effective Tax Functions with Genetic Algorithms''
S.-H. Chen, W.-C. Lee (National Chengchi U., TAOWAN,ROC)

``Genetic Based Fuzzy Inference System: Function Approximation and Time Series Prediction''
M. Zulkernine, T. Uozumi, K. Ono (Muroran Inst. of Tech., JAPAN)


Chair: I. R. Goodman (NCCOSO, USA)
Room A 8:15 - 9:00
Speaker: Y. Ho (Harvard U., USA)
``Soft Optimization - A Tool for Computing Intelligent Arsenal''

Room B 9:00 - 9:50
Speaker: Azriel Rosenfeld (U. of Maryland,College Park, USA)
``Some Viewpoints on Vision''

COFFEE BREAK 9:50 - 10:05

Session 13 (Invited Session) (SCS)
Intelligent Control
Chair: L. Bushnell (Duke U. & ARO, USA)
Room A 10:05 - 12:20

``Algorithms for the Design of Hybrid Systems''
S. Sastry (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)

``High Level Planning via Low Level Dynamics and Control''
M. Branicky (Case Western Reserve U., USA)

``Certainty Equivalence Implies Detection''
J. Hespanha, A. Morse (Yale U., USA)

``Near Optimal Control with Communications Constraints''
R. Brockett (Harvard U., USA)

``Bounded Amplitude Multiple Agent Control''
M. Lemmon, C. Bett (U. of Notre Dame, USA)

``Intelligent Tools in Simulation Modeling of Large Systems''
W.-b. Gong (U. of Massachussets at Amherst, USA)

Session 14 (Invited Session) (CI\&N)
Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision I
Chair: U. Halici (Middle East Technical U., TURKEY)
Room B 10:05 - 12:20

``A Fuzzy Approach in Pattern Recognition for Machine Vision''
N. Varachiu (Inst. of Microtechnology, ROMANIA)

``Low-level Boundary Grouping Mechanisms for Contour Completion''
A. Todman, E. Claridge (U. of Birmingham, UK)

``Using Visual System Preprocessing Models in Dynamic Learning of
Boundary Contours''
S. Crawford-Hines (Colorado State U., USA)

``Wavelet Based Texture Segmentation Through Neural Networks''
G. Ongun, A. Erol, K. Leblebicioglu, V. Atalay, U. Halici
(Middle East Technical U., TURKEY)

``Enhanced Image Enlargement with the Random Neural Network''
H. Bakircioglu, E. Gelenbe (Duke U., USA)

``Adaptive Calibration of Imaging Array Dedectors''
M. Budunich, R. Frison (Dipartimento di Fisica & INFN,

``On Taylor Expansions for Theoretical Justification of Noise
Y. Grandvalet, S. Cans (U. de Technologie de Compiegne, FRANCE)

``MultiNeuron - Neural Networks Simulator for Medical, Physiological,
and Psychological Applications''
A. Gorban, D. Rossiyev, M. Dorrer (Computing Center Russian
Academy of Science, RUSSIA)

``Recognition Model with Horizontal Connections and Extension
P. Kalocsai (U. of Southern California, USA)

``Image Noise Reduction and Segment Completion by Modeling
the Neural Interactions within and Between Area V1 and the LGN''
D. Enke, C. Dagli (U. of Missouri-Rolla, USA)

Session 15 (GA)
Evolutionary Applications II
Chair: D. Tauritz (Leiden U., The NETHERLANDS)
Room C 10:05 - 12:20

``Flexible Manipulator Path Planning in Space Robots Using Genetic Algorithms''
R. Stockton, E. Garcia (Vanderbilt U., USA)

``Evolution of Tri-State Frequency Discriminator for the Source Identification Problem using Genetic Programming''
J. Koza, F. Bennett III, J. Lohn, F. Dunlap, M. Keane, D. Andre (Stanford U., USA)

``Evolutionary Design of ANN Architectures for the detection of patterns in Signals''
J. Santos, R. Duro (Universidad de la Coruna, SPAIN)

``Evolutionary Learning of Mobile Robot Behaviors''
F. Hoffman (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)

``Augmenting Genetic Algorithms with Memory to Solve Traveling Salesman Problems''
S. Louis, G. Li (U. of Nevada, USA)

Session 16 (Invited Session) (CS&I)
Parallel/Distributed Computing Theory and Algorithms
Chair: K. Li (Clemson U., USA)
Room D 10:05 - 12:20

``A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Maximum Matching in Trees''
M. Karaata, K. Saleh (Kuwait U., Kuwait)

``Parallel Inversion Number Algorithm on the PVM System''
H. Kimm, F. Lee (Winston-Salem State U., USA)

``Expressive Power of Quantum Logic and Feasible Computation''
E. Krishnamurthy (Australian National U., AUSTRALIA)

``Multiset Programming Paradigm for Molecular and Evolutionary Computation''
E. Krishnamurthy (Australian National U., AUSTRALIA)

``Farm Shell,fsh: A Network Load Leveling Unix Shell''
S. Fraser (Zel Technology,Inc., USA), R. Mukkamala (Old Dominion U., USA)

``Simulation of the DYNIX Operating System on the UNIX for the Language C''
M. Badii (Pace U., USA), F. Abdollahzadeh (Central Connexticut State U., USA)

LUNCH 12:20 - 13:20

Chair: Michael Littman (Duke U., USA)
Room A 13:20 - 14:10
``Making Genetic Algorithms Fly: A Lesson from the Wright Brothers''
David Goldberg (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)

Session 17 (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Operations Research
Chair: S.-H. Chen (National Taiwan Ocean U., TAIWAN,ROC)
Room A 14:10 - 15:40

``A Fuzzy Concept in Project Scheduling''
F. Abbady (Military Technical College, EGYPT)

``Principles and Approaches of Model Building of Fuzzy Dynamic
Integrated Judgement''
L. Zhao, S.-C. Cheng (Creighton U., USA)

``Fuzzy Circles''
S.-C. Cheng, L. Zhao (Creighton U., USA)

``An Inverse Problem of Fuzzy Integrated Judgement''
L. Zhao, S.-C. Cheng (Creighton U., USA)

``Ordering Fuzzy Numbers with Application to Fuzzy Linear Programming''
A. El-Abyad (Arab Academy for Science \& Technology, EGYPT)

Session 18 (Invited Session) (CS\&I)
Parallel Processing System Issues
Chair: K. Li (State U. of New York,New Paltz, USA)
Room B 14:10 - 15:40

``The Specification of Task Communication Patterns''
Y. Nah, S. Han, H. Kim (Seoul National U., KOREA)}

``A Comparison of Wormhole-Routed Interconnection Networks''
F. Petrini, M. Vanneschi (Universita di Pisa, ITALY)

``Probabilistic analysis of average-case performance of parallel computations --- Part 1: task interaction graphs on multicomputers''
K. Li (State U. of New York,New Paltz, USA)

``Probabilistic analysis of average-case performance of parallel computat
ions --- Part 2: task precedence graphs on multiprocessors''
K. Li (State U. of New York,New Paltz, USA)

``An Optimal Identification Algorithm for Prediction of Time Varying Processes''
A. Al-Madhari, M.Fkirin (King Faisal U., SAUDI ARABIA)

Session 19 (RSSC)
Neighborhood Systems and Generalized Rough Sets
Chair: S. Tsumoto (Tokyo Medical \& Dental U., JAPAN)
Room C 14:10 - 15:40

``On Generalized Rough Sets''\
L. Vigneron,A. Wasilewska (SUNY at Stony Brook, USA)

``Information Reduction Based on Constructive Neighborhood System''
J. Stepaniuk, A. Skowron (U. of Warsaw, POLAND)

``Binary Relation Based Neighborhood Operators''
Y. Yao (Lakehead U., CANADA)

``a-RST: A Generalization of Rough Set Theory''
M. Quafafou (U. of Nantes, FRANCE)

``A Model For Generalization''
M. Hadjimichael (Naval Research Lab., USA)

``Neighborhood Systems -- Geometric Rough Sets''
T. Lin (San Jose State U., USA)

Session 20 (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Logic - Industrial Applications
Chair: Da Ruan (SCK.CEN, BELGIUM)
Room D 14:10 - 15:40

``Fuzzy Logic Control Applications at SCK.CEN : from a Nuclear
Reactor to a Demo Model''

``Controlling the Power Output of a Nuclear Reactor with Fuzzy
D. Ruan (SCK.CEN, BELGIUM), A. van der Wal (TNO Physics
and Electronics Lab., The NETHERLANDS)

``Optimization of Radar Pulse Code Compression Binary Phase Shift
Code Sequences of Arbitrary Length''
A. van der Wal (TNO Physics and Electronics Lab., The

``A Fuzzy Controlled Ping-Pong Robot - Robot vs. Human - ''
K. Tanaka, D. Oku (Kanazawa U.,JAPAN) , H. Wang (Duke U., US

``Modelling Architectures for VLSI Implementation of Fuzzy Logic
B. Roche, L. Maguire, T. McGinnity, L. McDaid (U. of
Ulster, U.K.)

Session 21 (Invited Session) (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Decision-Making Systems
Chair: M. Ben Ghalia (Duke U., USA)
Room E 14:10 - 15:40

``A Hybrid Model for Learning Sequential Decision Making ''
R. Sun, T. Peterson (U. of Alabama, USA)

``Towards an Expert Controller Design for Speed Regulation of Diesel Engines''
F. Karray, E. Conrad (U. of Waterloo, CANADA)

``Design of Intelligent Flight Controllers for Helicopter Control''
S. Zein-Sabatto (Tennessee State U., USA)

``A Constraint Based Approach to Fuzzy Control''
R. Lai, W. Luo (Yuan-Ze Inst. of Tech., TAIWAN,ROC)

``Anasthetic Control with Fuzzy Expert System''
H. Tseng, W. Liao, J. Lee, K. Hsu (Chang Gung College of Medicine \& Engg.,TAIWAN,ROC) , C. Tan (Chang Gung Hospital, TAIWAN,ROC)

COFFEE BREAK 15:40 - 15:55

Session 22 (SCS)
Computational Semiotics
Chair: Burghard Rieger (U. of Trier, GERMANY)
Co-Chair: Fei-Yue Wang (U. of Arizona,Tucson, USA)
Room A 15:55 - 17:55

``Language Games in Computational Semiotics''
B. Rieger (U. of Trier, GERMANY)

``An Approach to Computational Semiotics''
R. Gudwin, F. Gomide ( Universidade Estadual de Campinas, BRAZIL)

``The Semiotics of Machine Translation Design''
M. Wood (U. of Manchester, U.K.)

``On Dynamic Error Back Propagation for Neuro-Fuzzy Networks''
D. Ge, M. Tsutsumi (Tokyo U. of Agriculture \& Tech., JAPAN), F.-Y. Wang (U. of Arizona,Tucson, USA)

``Outline for a Computational Theory of Linguistic Dynamic Systems''
F.-Y. Wang (U. of Arizona,Tucson, USA)

``Fuzzy Logic of Aristotelian Theory of Mind''
L. Perlovsky (Nichols Research Corporation, USA)

Session 23 (CI\&N)
Neural Network Control System
Chair: I. Cresswell (U. of Central England, U. K.)
Room B 15:55 - 17:55

``Presenting Neural Network Results''
S. Lawrence, C. Giles (NEC Research Inst., USA )

``Software for Neural Networks and Hybrid Systems''
S. Lawrence, C. Giles (NEC Research Inst., USA )

``Combining Structural and Statistical Features for Handwritten
Digit Recognition''
V. Radevski, Y. Bennani (U. of Paris, FRANCE)

``Repedition Induced Incompetence in a Reinforcement Learning
Based Control System''
L. Yuan, R. Lacher (Florida State U., USA)

``Non-delta-correlated Gaussian Noises and the Hopfield Optimization
Circuit: an Empirical Study''
J. Mandziuk (International Computer Science Inst., USA)

Session 24 (RSSC)
Rough Set Applications}
Chair: A. Skowron (U. of Warsaw, POLAND)
Room C 15:55 - 17:55

``A Rough-Set Model for Reasoning about Knowledge''
S. Wong (U. of Regina, CANADA)

``Incremental Learning of Probabilistic Rules from Clinical Databases based on Rough Set Theory''
H. Tanaka, S. Tsumoto (Tokyo Medical and Dental U., JAPAN)

``A Rough Set Approach to Attribute Generalization in Data Mining''
C.-C. Chan (U. of Akron, USA)

``An Application of Reduct Networks to Medicine -- Chaining Decision Rules''
M. Szczuka, D. Slezak (U. of Warsaw, POLAND), S. Tsumoto (Tokyo Medical \& Dental U., JAPAN)

``Reconstruction of Cooperative Information Systems under Cost Constraints: A Rough Set Approach''
Z. Suraj (Pedagogical U., POLAND)

``ROSETTA - A Rough Set Toolkit for Analysis of Data''
J. Komorowski, A. Ohrn (Norwegian U. of Sci. \& Tech., NORWAY)

G. Cattaneo

Session 25 (CS\&I)
Multimedia Systems
Chair: A. Tontawy (IBM,Somers, USA)
Room D 15:55 - 17:55

``A Scalable and Robust Image Encoding Technique for Real-time Communication''
S. Senbel, H. Abdel-Wahab (Old Dominion U.,USA)

``Content-based Retrieval System for Video Data''
K. Kato, H. Ishikawa (Fujitsu Labs. Ltd., JAPAN)

``Lossless Smoother for MPEG VBR Video Sources using Token Bucket and Smoothing Buffer States''
M. Izquierdo (IBM Corporation, USA), D. Reeves (North Carolina State U., USA)

``Application Embedded Algorithms for Multiple Streams Synchronization in Multimedia Systems''
E. Stoica, H. Abdel-Wahab, K. Maly (Old Dominion U.,USA)

``Multimedia Abstract Machine''
T. Shih (Tamkang U.,TAIWAN,ROC)

``An Enhanced Architecture for Integrating Multimedia Tools''
T. Shih, L. Chao, C.-M. Chung, Y. Wang, Y. Kao (Tamkang U.,TAIWAN,ROC), W.-C. Lin (Tak-Ming Jr. College of Commerce,TAIWAN,ROC)

Session 26 (GA)
Evolutionary Tools/Methods }
Chair: Shigeyoshi Tsutsui (Hannan U., JAPAN)
Room E 15:55 - 17:55

``Measures of Performance Evaluation of Genetic Algorithms''
K. Sugihara (U. of Hawaii, USA)

``Evolutionary Learning for Communicating Agents''
H. Iba (Stanford U., USA)

``Hopfield Model of Associative Memory as a Test Function of Evolutionary Computation''
A. Amada, K. Araki ( Nara Inst. of Science \& Technology, JAPAN)

``EVERA: A System for the Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems''
H. Kabre, A. Spalanzani (Joseph Fourier U., FRANCE)

``A MATLAB Graphical User Interface for Binary and Continuous Parameter Genetic Algorithms''
G. Toussaint, D. Pack, R. Haupt (US Air Force Academy, USA)

BANQUET 19:30 - 21:30
Alex Meystel (Drexel U. / NIST , USA)


Chair: Lotfi A. Zadeh (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)
Room A 8:15 - 9:00
Speaker: Lotfi A. Zadeh (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)
``Towards a Theory of Fuzzy Information Granulation and its Centrality in Human Reasoning and Fuzzy Logic''

Room A 9:00 - 9:50
Speaker: Zdzislaw Pawlak (Polish Academy of Science, POLAND) (Lotfi A. Zadeh Best Paper Award - Acceptance Speech)
``An Inquiry into Anatomy of Conflicts''

COFFEE BREAK9:50 - 10:05

Session 27 (CI\&N)
Neural Networks as a Design Tool
Chair: A. Hirose (U. of Tokyo, JAPAN)
Room A 10:05 - 12:20

``Design of Consistent System for Radiologist to Support Breast
Cancer Diagnosis''
B. Kovalerchuk, E. Vityaev, J. Ruiz (Central Washington U.,USA)

``Features of Figure-Ground Separation: Contours, Axes, Corners,
and Junctions''
S. Funk, J. Kennedy, I. Kumazawa (Tokyo Institute of
Technology, JAPAN)

``Multiple Neurosolvers''
A. Bieszczad, B. Pagurekt (Carleton U.,CANADA)

``Toward a Hardware Implementation of the Neurosolver: Analysis of
A. Bieszczad, B. Pagurekt (Carleton U.,CANADA)

``Behavior Stability and Time-sequential Signal Variation of
Recurrent Complex-Valued Neural Networks''
A. Hirose, H. Onishi (U. of Tokyo, JAPAN)

``Combined Classification of Artificial and Real Life Magnetic
Resonance Spectra ''
P.A. Zhilkin, R.L. Somorjai (Inst. of Biodiagnostics,CANADA)

``Adaptive Filtering with Gradient-Based Variable Step Algorithm''
L. Williams, C. Eswaran (Indian Institute of Technology - Madras, INDIA)

Session 28 (Invited Session) (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Expert Systems}
Chair: S. Sessa (U. of Naples, ITALY)
Room B 10:05 - 12:20

``Manufacturing Evaluation: A Knowledge-Based Approach''
R. Giachetti (US Dept. of Commerce, USA)

``The Non-definedness Notation in Expert Systems''
A. Hoogewijs, N. Slaats, D. van Heule (U. of Ghent, BELGIUM)

``A Fuzzy Expert System as Knowledge Serevr for Finding Appropriate Search Engines in the Cyberspace''
J. Cheng (National Defense Management College, TAIWAN,ROC)

``A Fuzzy Architecture for Risk Management''
S. Scandizzo (Indiana U., USA)

``Rough Algebra and 3-valued Lukasiewicz Algebra''
M. Banerjee, M. Chakraborty (Indian Statistical Institute, INDIA), S. Sessa (U. of Naples, ITALY)

``A Three-valued Information Model for Linguistic Variations''
L. Di Lascio, A. Gisolfi, V. Loia (U. of Salerno, ITALY)

``Possibilistic Conditional Dependancy, Similarity and Information Measures: an Application to Causal Network Recovery''
L. Cortes, R. Sanguesa (Technical U. of Catalonia, SPAIN)

Session 29 (Invited Session) (CS\&I)
Parallel/Distributed Software Systems and Applications}
Chair: K. Li (State University of New York,New Paltz, USA)
Room C 10:05 - 12:20

``Execution Scheduling of Query Access Plans in Parallel Object-Oriented Databases''
D. Taniar (Victoria U. of Tech., AUSTRALIA)

``Parallelization Models for Path Expression Queries in Object-Oriented Databases''
D. Taniar (Victoria U. of Tech., AUSTRALIA)

``Visual Debugging with a Textual/Graphical View Mapper for Parallel Programs''
G.-W. On, C.-E. Hong, B.-S. Lee, D.-H. Chi (Electronics \& Telecommunications Research Inst., KOREA)

``The Effects of Dispersal on Message-Passing Contention in Processor Allocation Strategies''
J. Mache, V. Lo (U. of Oregon, USA)

``Application-Oriented Synchronizations''
V. Cholvi-Juan (MIT, USA)

``A compiler strategy for generating efficient communication based on array distribution directives''
E. H.-Y. Tseng, J.-L. Gaudiot (U. of Southern California, USA)

``An implementation of the parallel inference machines''
M. Nour, A. Ghonaimy (National Research Center,Cairo, EGYPT)

``On load balancing in heterogeneous distributed systems''
K. Li (State U. of New York,New Paltz, USA)

Session 30 (Invited Session) (CI\&N)
Neural Network Theory
Chair: S. Kak (Louisiana State U., USA)
Room D 10:05 - 12:20

``Does Quantum Information have Relevance in Neuroscience ?''
S. Kak (Louisiana State U., USA)

``Atentional Modulation of Firing Patterns for Spiking Neurons''
H. Bosch, A. Labbi, R. Milanese ( U. of Geneva, USA)

``On the Essential Difference between Neural Networks and Regular Statist
ical Models''
S. Watanabe (Purdue U., USA)

``A Learning Model for a Neural Oscillator to Generate a Locomotor Patter
J. Nishii (Inst. of Physical and Chemical Research, JAPAN)

``A Neural Network with Non-Monotone Activation Function is
Effective in Changing Environments''
T. Takeyama, S. Watanabe (Gifu U., JAPAN)

Session 31 (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Information Systems}
Chair: J. Kacprzyk (Systems Research Inst., POLAND)
Room E 10:05 - 12:20

``Computational Methods for Information Systems''
J. Guan, D. Bell (U. of Ulster, U.K.)

``User-Assisted Summarization of Large Data Sets via Fuzzy
J. Kacprzyk (Systems Research Inst., POLAND)

``Fuzzy Clustering of Business Processes in Information Systems
H.-S. Lee (National Taiwan Ocean U., TAIWAN,ROC), M. Horng (Nation
al Taipei Teachers College, TAIWAN,ROC)

``The Effect of Granule Size and Overlap on Mamdani-type Fuzzy
Knowledge-Based Systems''
T. Whalen, B. Schott (Georgia State U., USA)

``Compiling Fuzzy Rules for Knowledge Discovery''
S. Roychowdhury, S. Shenoi (U. of Tulsa, USA)

LUNCH 12:20 - 13:20

Chair: Max Woodburg (Duke U., USA)
Room A 13:20 - 14:10
``Constrained Fuzzy Arithmetic''
George Klir (Binghamton U., USA)

Chair: A. Nakamura (Meiji U., JAPAN)
Room B 13:20 - 14:10
``An Overview of Semiotics and its Applications to Information Sciences''
Edna Andrews (Duke U., USA)

Session 32 (FT&T)
Fuzzy Neural Networks}
Chair: H. Cheng (Utah State U., USA)
Room A 14:10 - 15:40

``Relative Merits of Conjugate Gradient Algorithm in Neuro-Fuzzy
A. Tankeh, E. Mamdani (Imperial College, U.K.)

``Scalability in a Hierarchical Learning System''
T. Sudkamp (Wright State U., USA), R. Hammell II (US Army
Research Lab., USA)

``The Implementation of Fuzzy Systems,Neural Networks and Fuzzy
Neural Networks using FPGAs''
J. Blake, L. Maguire, B. Roche, T. McGinnity, L. McDaid
(U. of Ulster, U.K.)

``Predicting Chaotic Time Series using a Fuzzy Neural Network''
L. Maguire, B. Roche, T. McGinnity, L. McDaid (U. of
Ulster, U.K.)

Session 33 (CI&N)
Neural Network for Pattern Recognition
Chair: Tom Whalen (Georgia State U., USA)
Room C 14:10 - 15:40

``Development of Syntactic and Semantic Structure in Artificial
Takashi Hashimoto (Inst. of Physical and Chemical Research, JAPAN)

``Finding the "Best Possible" (CF) Language Recognizer''
L. Fass (USA)

``Object Recognition Through Self-Organizing Focus-of-Attention
Using Integrate-Fire Neurons''
S. Shams (Hughes Research Laboratories, USA)

``A Proposal of Novel Knowledge Representation (Area
Representation) and the Implementation by Neural Networks''
N. Ikeda, M. Hagiwara (Keio U., JAPAN)

``Modified Multidirectional Associative Memory''
T. Yoshihara, M. Hagiwara (Keio U., JAPAN)

Session 34 (RSSC)
Soft Computing I
Chair: A. Nakamura (Meiji U., JAPAN)
Room D 14:10 - 15:40

``Comparison of Classification Methods''
H. Sever, V. Raghavan, J. Deogun, S. Choubey (U. of SW Louisiana, USA)

``On Integration of Modified Rough Set and Fuzzy Logic as Classifiers''
F. Choobineh, M. Paule, W. Slikker, R. Hashemi (U. of Arkansas at Little Rock)

``Comparison of Neofuzzy and Rough Neural Networks''
P. Lingras (Algoma U. College, CANADA)

``Fusion Method of Rough Sets in Neural Expert Systems''
R. Mahmod, M. Yahia (U. Pertanian Malaysia, MALAYSIA)

``Hyperplace-Based Neural Networks for Real-Valued Decision Tables''
D. Slezak, M. Szczuka (U. of Warsaw, POLAND)

``On Complexity Of Decision Trees Over Infinite Information Systems''
M. Moshkov (Nizhni Novgorod State U., RUSSIA)

Session 35 (CS\&I)
Object Oriented Computing}
Chair: A. Radenski (Winston-Salem State U., USA)
Room D 14:10 - 15:40

``Extensible Packages as Typeless Objects''
A. Radenski (Winston-Salem State U., USA)

``Complexity Measurement for Object-Oriented Software Based on
Data Scope''
Y.-H. Wang, C.-M. Chung, T. Shih, Y.-F. Kuo, J.-F. Chen
(Tamkang U., TAIWAN,ROC)

``Finite State Machines for Testing Object-Oriented Designs''
T. Shih (Tamkang U., TAIWAN,ROC)

``Fitting a Statistical Model for Dynamic Clustering of
Object-Oriented Databases''
D.-A. Chiang, N. Lin, L. Chow (Tamkang U., TAIWAN,ROC)

``A Class Hierarchy Concurrency Control Technique in
Object-Oriented Database Systems''
W. Jun, L. Gruenwald (U. of Oklahoma, USA)

Session 36 (FT\&T)
Foundations of Fuzzy Sets and Logic Theory
Chair: George Klir (SUNY-Binghamton, USA)
Room E 14:10 - 15:40

``Global Characterization of Fuzzy Logic''
L. Kohout, E. Kim (Florida State U., USA)

``Operations of Fuzzy Numbers with Step Form Membership Function
using Function Principle''
S.-H. Chen (National Taiwan Ocean U., TAIWAN,ROC)

``Foundation of Fuzzy Logic : Membership, Truth Tables and Normal
I. Turksen (U. of Toronto, CANADA)

``Relationships and Differences between Fuzzy Sets and Rough Sets''
Y. Yao (Lakehead U., CANADA)

COFFEE BREAK 15:40 - 15:55

Session 37 (CI\&N)
Desgn of Neural Networks for Industrial Applications
Chair: E. Page (Clemson U., USA)
Room C 15:55 - 17:55

``An Image Retrieval System using the Back Propagation
N. Ikeda, M. Hagiwara (Hagiwara Laboratory, JAPAN)

``Corner Classification that Allows Inhibitory Output Weights''
K. Tang, S. Kak (Louisiana State U., USA)

``Experimental Study of Perceptron-type Online Local Learning
Rule for for Hopfield Associative Memory''
J. Mandziuk, A. Jagota (International Computer Science
Institute, USA)

``Introduction and application of the Multi-temporal Trainable
Delay Neural Network''
P. O'Neil, S. Barth, M. Scully (Rome Laboratory/IRDS, USA)

``Application of Neural Networks to Garment Size Prediction''
R. Lowe, E. Page (Clemson U., USA)

Session 38 (RSSC)
Soft Computing II
Chair: S. Wong (U. of Regina, CANADA)
Room B 15:55 - 17:55

``Deformations of fuzzy digital pictures''
A. Nakamura (Meiji U., JAPAN), A. Rosenfeld (U. of Maryland,College Park, USA)

`A Systematic Method of Designing Architectures for Fuzzy Rule-based Systems''
E. Yeh (ULSI, USA)

``Chaos in the Bakery''
T. Longshaw (DRA Malvern, U.K)

``Thresholding and Segmentation of Images Using a Fuzzy Measure of Busyness''
R. Soto (Universidad de Sonora, MEXICO)

``Validation of Authentic Reasoning Expert Systems''
J.-G. Chen, S. Tan, C. Watson, A. de Korvin, L. Webster (NASA Johnson Space Center, USA)

``On Belief Functions''
T. Lin (San Jose State U., USA)

Session 39 (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Logic Control
Chair: Robert Lai (Yuan-Ze Inst. of Tech., TAIWAN,ROC)
Co-Chair: Chaochang Chiu (Yuan-Ze Inst. of Tech., TAIWAN,ROC)
Room C 15:55 - 17:55

``Design of a Fuzzy PD-Sliding Mode Adaptive Controller''
Y.-C. Hsu, G. Chen (U. of Houston,USA)

``An LMI Approach to Fuzzy Controller Design of a Mobile Robot with Multiple Trailers''
K. Tanaka, T. Taniguchi (Kanazawa U.,JAPAN) , H. Wang (Duke U., USA)

``Stable Fuzzy Control of the Benchmark Nonlinear Control Problem: A System-Theoretic Approach''
J. Li, H. Wang (Duke U., USA), K. Tanaka (Kanazawa U.,JAPAN)

``A Fuzzy System Compensator for Backlash''
L.-X. Wang (Hong Kong U. of Sci. \& Tech., HONG KONG) , F.
Lewis (U. of Texas at Arlington, USA)

``Evaluating Problem Solving Behaviour for Decision Support using Fuzzy Approach''
C. Chiu (Yuan-Ze Inst. of Tech., TAIWAN,ROC)

``Multi-Layer Fuzzy Control based Position Tracking of Variable Reluctance Drive System''
A. Mohamed (Electronics Research Inst., EGYPT)

Session 40 (CS\&I)
Theoretical Computing
Chair: J. Wang (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)
Room D 15:55 - 17:55

``Optimised Tree Structure for Associative Queries''
M. Ahmed, A. Helal (Purdue U.,USA) , A. Belal, K. Ahmed (U. of Alexandria, EGYPT)

``An Algorithm for Identifying Structural Similarities of Electronic Documents''
C.-Y. Chang, J. Wang (New Jersey Inst. of Tech., USA)

``Using Difunctional Relation in Information Organisation''
A. Jaoua (U. of Tunis,TUNISIA), R. Khcherif (Regional Inst. for Informatics and Telecommunications,TUNISIA)

``A Method to Increase Reliability of Recursive Functions''
S. Ghribi, A. Jaoua (U. of Tunis,TUNISIA)

``Abstraction of Objects by Conceptual Clustering''
H. Ajroud, A. Jaoua (U. of Tunis,TUNISIA)

``On Computing Temporal/Spatial Relations''
T. Shih (Tamkang U., TAIWAN,ROC)

``Embedding Hamiltonian Cycles on Incrementally Extensible Hypercube Graphs''
H.-C. Keh, P.-Y. Chou, J.-C. Lin (Tamkang U., TAIWAN,ROC)

The Future and Impact of Intelligent Control
Organizer: Paul P. Wang (Duke U., USA)
Chair: Lotfi A. Zadeh (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)
19:30 - 21:30

L. Zadeh (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)
Y. Ho (Harvard U., USA)
J. Chandra (Army Research, USA)
K. Baheti (National Science Foundation, USA)
P.Werbos (National Science Foundation, USA)
A. Mystel (Drexel U. / NIST, USA)


Chair: Erol Gelenbe (Duke U., USA)
Room A 8:15 - 9:00
Speaker: Steve Grossberg (Boston U., USA)
``Self Organizing Neural Networks for Spatial Planning, Learning, and Sensory-Motor Control''

Room A \hspace{5mm} 9:00 - 9:50
Speaker: Ladislav Kohout (Florida State U., USA) (Prof. Wyllis Bandler Memorial Lecture)
``Fuzzy Relations and their Products''

COFFEE BREAK 9:50 - 10:05

Session 41 (RSSC)
Databases I
Chair: M. Anvari (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)
Room B 10:05 - 12:20

``Information-Theoretic Measures of Uncertainty for Rough Set and Rough Relational Databases''
E. Petry, G. Arora, T. Beaubouef (Xavier U., USA)

``A New Approach to Efficient Calculus of Reducts in Large Databases''
M.Ferradas, J. Sanchez, M. Fernandez, E. Menasalvas (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, SPAIN)

``Using the Rough Set Theory to Exploit the Data Mining Potential in
Relational Database Systems''
M. Millan, F. Machuca(Universidad del Valle, COLOMBIA)

``Learning Stronger Rules with RIAC System''
N. Cercone, H. Hamilton, N. Shan (U. of Regina, CANADA)

``GRS: A Generalized Rough Sets Model for Data Mining Applications''
N. Cercone, W. Ziarko (U. of Regina, CANADA), X. Hu (GTE Lab. Inc.
, USA)

``Rough Sets on Very Large Databases''
T. Lin, Chen (San Jose State U., USA)

Session 42 (Invited Session) (CI&N)
Computational Intelligence & Neural Networks
Chair: G. Georgiou (California State U.)
Room B 10:05 - 12:20

``Neural Networks can Approximate Mappings on Structured
B. Hammer and V. Spershneider (U. of Osnabrueck,

``A neural network approach to solving Convex programming
Y. Chen, S. Fang (North Carolina State U., USA)

``Stochastic/neural computation of the eigenvectors of a
symmetric positive definite matrix''
G. Georgiou, W. Tsai (California State U., USA)

``Evolved Asymmetry and Dilution of Random Synaptic Weights in
Hopfield Network Turn a Spin-glass Phase into Associative Memory''
A. Imada, K. Araki (Nara Institute of Sci. and Tech.,

``Probabilistic Self Organized Map Application to Classification''
F. Anouar, F. Badran, S. Thiria (CNAM-CEDRIC, FRANCE)

Session 43 (FT\&T)
Fuzzy Logic Theory}
Chair: I. B. Turksen (U. of Toronto, CANADA)
Room C 10:05 - 12:20

``Homomorphic-like Random Set Representations for Fuzzy Logic
Models using Exponentiation with Applications to Data Fusion''
I.R.Goodman (NCCOSO, USA)

``On Syntax of First Order Lattice Valued Logic System FM''
X. Yang, Q. Keyun, L. Jun (Southwest Jiatong U., China)

``Post Valued Fuzzy Sets and Structures''
B. Seselja (U. of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia)

Session 44 (SCS)

Chair: Fernando Gomide (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, BRAZIL)
Room D 10:05 - 12:20

``Insitu Subprocess Control Architecture for Robust Processing of MAteria
P. Garrett, J. Jones (U. of Cincinnati, USA), S. LeClair (Wright-P
atterson Air Force Base, USA)

``High-Level Monitoring and Control of Advanced Life Support Systems''
M. Dowell, G. Chen (U. of Houston, USA), J. Malin (NASA-Johnson Space Center)

``Linguistic Models of Cost-Affordability for Aeronautics Industry based
on Semiotic Descriptors and Fuzzy Relational Computations''
E. Kim, L. Kohout (Florida State U., USA), B. DuBrosky ( Pratt & Whitney, USA)

``Manufacturing Evaluation of Designs: A Knowledge-Based Approach''
R. Giachetti, K. Jurrens (NIST, USA)

LUNCH 12:20 - 13:20

Chair: Guo Jun Wang (Xi An N. U., CHINA)
Room A 13:20 - 14:10
``Fundamental Issues on Fuzzy Logic''
I. B. Turksen (U. of Toronto, CANADA)

Chair: Fernando Gomide (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, BRAZIL)
Room B 13:20 - 14:10
A. Mystel (Drexel U. / NIST, USA)

Session 45 (CI\&N)
Reinforcement Learning & Self-Organization
Chair: N. Schmajuk (Duke U., USA)
Room A 14:10 - 15:40

``Training Noise in the fully connected Hopfield Network''
L. Wang (School of Computing and Mathematics, AUSTRALIA)

``Learning rules of an attractor neural network''
M. Heerema (Inst. for Theoretical Physics, THE NETHERLANDS)

``Combining Exploration and Control in Reinforcement Learning:
The Convergence of SARSA''
M. Littman (Duke U., USA)

``Reinforcement Learning for Selfish Load Balancing in a
Distributed Memory Environment''
S. Majercik, M. Littman (Duke U., USA)

``Self-Organization Scheme for VLSI Cell Placement and Gain
A. Shrestha, R. Sadananda (Thammasat U.,THAILAND)

Session 46 (CI\&N)
Neural Network Applications
Chair: A. van der Wal (TNO Physics and Electronics Lab., The NETHERLANDS)
Room B 14:10 - 15:40

``Neural Approaches to Quadratic Assignment Problems''
S. Ishii (Ricoh Co., JAPAN)

``Solving the TSP with Sequential Smoothing''
S. Coy, B. Golden, E. Wasil, G. Runger (U. of Maryland, USA)

``Strategies for Neural Network Modeling of Decision Making
and Applications to Forecasting''
C. Yingwu, T. Yuenjin (National U. of Defense Technology,

``Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals Recognition Using
Neural Networks Based on Structural Feature Extraction''
W. Song, S. Chang, X. Shaowei (Tsinghua U., CHINA)

``Application of Neural Networks in Developing an Aircraft
Aerodynamic Model Using Corner Classification Algorithm''
S. Trivedi (Southern U., USA)

Session 47 (Invited Session) (FT\&T)
Intelligent Systems Applications at United Technologies
Chair: Sharayu Tulpule (Carrier Corporation, USA)
Co-Chair: Hua Wang (Duke U., USA)
Room C 14:10 - 15:40

``Signal Based Field Adaptive Diagnostics''
Z. Huang, K. Le, C. Moon (United Technologies Research Center, USA

``Failure Management Strategies for Next-Generation Chillers''
W.-R. Chang, T. Hamilton, S. Tulpule (United Technologies Research
Center, USA), T. Sakao (U. of Tokyo, JAPAN), H. Wang (Duke U., USA)

``Group Control of Elevators''
B. Powell (Otis Elevator Company, (USA)

``Mining Reliability Databases''
T. Hamilton (United Technologies Research Center, USA)}

Session 48 (Invited Session) (FT&T)
Industrial Application of Fuzzy Systems
Chair: Ron Sun (U. of Alabama, USA)
Room D 14:10 - 15:40

``Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Systems; Part I: Fuzzy Feature Extraction and Defect Classification of Stencil Printing''
A. Lotfi, M. Mitchell, M. Howarth, P. Thomas (Nottingham Trent U., U.K.)

``Industrial Applications of Fuzzy Systems; Part II: Fuzzy Model Identification and Control of Stencil Printing''
A. Lotfi, M. Mitchell, M. Howarth, P. Thomas (Nottingham Trent U.,

``Application of Soft Computing in Design Optimisation of Plasticating Extruder Screws''
F. Fassihi, A. Lotfi, D. Yu (Nottingham Trent U., U.K.)

``Handling Non-linear Behaviour of Flexible Materials using a Neural Fuzzy Engine''
N. Sherkat, V. Shih, P. Thomas ( )

``A Neural Fuzzy Approach t Backlash and Low Stiffness Compensation of Robot Joints''
N. Sherkat, V. Shih, P. Kabiri ( )

COFFEE BREAK 15:40 - 15:55

Session 49 (CI\&N)
Fuzzy Neural Applications}
Chair: Christos N. Schizas (U. of Cyprus,CYPRUS)
Room A 15:55 - 17:55

``A Fuzzy-Control-Based Response Reorder Scheme for Retailing
of Seasonal Apparel''
T. Hung, S. Fang, H.. Nuttle, R. King (North Carolina State
U., USA)

``AFCM: Automatic Fuzzy Cognitive Map''
B. Kimoto, M. Hagiwara (Keio U., JAPAN)

``Generalized Fuzzy Inference Neural Networks''
H. Kitajima, M. Hagiwara (Keio U., JAPAN)

``The Application of Object Orientation to the Genetic Selection
of Multi-Layer Perceptrons in a Distributed Processing Environment''
I. Cresswell, J.A. Krasniewicz, M.J. Winfield (U. of
Central England, UK)

``A Neural Network Architecture Composed of Adaptively Defined
Dissimilar Single-neuron Units''
C. Neocleous, C. Schizas, I. Esat ( U. of Cyprus,

Session 50 (RSSC)
Databases II
Chair: J. Grzymala-Busse ()
Room C 15:55 - 17:55

``Knowledge Discovery from Large Multi-modal Datasets''
M. Anvari (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)

``Understandable Database Mining and Approximate Reasoning''
L. Mazlack (U. of California,Berkeley, USA)

``Knowledge Discovery for Intelligent Query Answering''
Z. Ras (U. of North Carolina,Charlotte, USA)

``Neighborhood based Information Systems''
Y. Yiyu, X. Chen (Lakehead U., CANADA)

``Neighborhoods and Queries''
W. Chu (U. of California,Los Angeles, USA)

``The Connectionist Networks Representation of a GDT for Rule Discovery from Databases''
S. Fujitsu, S. Ohsuga, N. Zhong (Yamaguchi U., JAPAN)

Session 51 (Invited Session) (CI&N)
Theoretical Approaches to Adaptive Intelligent Control
Chair: C. Szepesvari ( Joszef Attila U., HUNGARY)
Room D 15:55 - 17:55

``Generalizing in TD($\lambda$) learning''
S. ten Hagen, B. Krose (U. of Amsterdam, The NETHERLANDS)

``Relating Prior Knowledge and Attention in RL Agents''
C. Ribeiro (U. of London, UK)

``Decentralized Reinforcement Learning by a Team of Agents''
L. Wessels, E. Barnard (Oregon Graduate Inst. of Sci. &
Tech., USA)

``Value Function Approximation Applied to Combinatorial
J. Boyan (Carnegie Mellon U., USA)

``Approximation-based neural network and fuzzy logic control''
S. Commuri, S. Jagannathan (CGN \& Associates, USA)