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Subject: SCAI'97: 2nd call for papers

Dear Receiver,

Please find included the second call for papers of SCAI'97
(Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence). The
CFP has since October 10 been updated with some additional
invited speakers and program committee members. As before,
there is more information (always up-to-date) on the conference
web page


Greger Linden
SCAI publicity manager
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fi/events/SCAI97/=0A=0A=0A Helsinki, Finland, August 18 - 2=
0, 1997=0A=0A=0A 2ND CALL FOR PAPERS=0A=0A=0AThe =
biennial Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence is an=0Ainterna=
tional, open Scandinavian forum for scientific exchange and=0Apresentation =
of AI research and development. The conference language is=0AEnglish. The a=
im of the conference is to cover all aspects of AI, and to=0Abring together=
basic and applied research. The technical programme will=0Ainclude paper a=
nd poster presentations, invited talks and panels.=0A=0AThe major theme for=
SCAI'97 will be Intelligent Agents. The concept of=0Aan agent has become i=
mportant in both artificial intelligence and=0Amainstream computer science.=
An agent is a hardware or software system=0Athat is automonous, interactiv=
e with and reactive to its environment and=0Aother agents. An agent can als=
o be pro-active in taking the initiative=0Ain goal-directed behaviour.=0A=
=0AWe solicit papers in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, and in=0Apart=
icular in the area of Intelligent Agents. Agents have a clear=0Apotential i=
n commercial and practical use, and industry is therefore=0Aencouraged to s=
ubmit papers.=0A=0AThere is a limited amount of grants available for partic=
ipating graduate=0Astudents from the Nordic countries and for researchers f=
rom=0ANorth-Western Russia and the Baltic States.=0A=0ASCAI '97 is hosted b=
y the University of Helsinki and organised by the=0AFinnish Artificial Inte=
lligence Society in cooperation with the Danish,=0ANorwegian and Swedish Ar=
tificial Intelligence Societies.=0A=0ASubmission of papers=0A--------------=
------=0A=0AAuthors are requested to submit 8 hard-copies of papers written=
in=0AEnglish. Submitted papers should be unpublished and present original=
=0Awork. Papers should be printed with at least an 11-point font and not=0A=
exceed 6000 words (10 pages). Each copy of the paper should include a =0Ase=
parate title page containing the full names, postal addresses, phone =0Anum=
bers and e-mail addresses of all authors and an abstract of 100-200 =0Aword=
s.=0A=0A=0ASubmission of posters=0A---------------------=0A=0AAuthors who w=
ish to submit a poster, are requested to submit 8=0Ahard-copies of a 2-page=
poster abstract written in English. A poster may=0Apresent research result=
s and also on-going work or a project group.=0A=0A=0APapers and posters sho=
uld be sent to=0A-----------------------------------=0A=0ASCAI'97=0AGosta G=
rahne=0ADepartment of Computer Science,=0AP. O. Box 26=0AFIN-00014 UNIVERSI=
TY OF HELSINKI,=0AFinland=0A=0Aemail: grahne@cs.helsinki.fi,=0Afax: + 358 9=
708 44441=0Aphone: +358 9 708 44236=0A=0AAccepted papers will be published=
by IOS Press in their series=0AFrontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Ap=
plications.=0A=0A=0AKey Dates=0A---------=0AMarch 15, 1997 - Submission =
deadline.=0AMay 2, 1997 - Notification of acceptance or rejection=0AJ=
une 6, 1997 - Camera ready paper due=0A=0A=0AInvited Speakers=0A------=
----------=0A=0AJoseph Y. Halpern, Cornell University=0ATeuvo Kohonen, Hels=
inki University of Technology=0ASarit Kraus, Bar-Ilan University and Univer=
sity of Maryland=0AErkki Oja, Helsinki University of Technology=0AYoav Shoh=
am, Stanford University=0ALotfi A. Zadeh, University of California, Berkele=
y=0A=0AProgramme committee=0A-------------------=0A=0AGosta Grahne, Univers=
ity of Helsinki, programme chair=0AAgnar Aamodt, Norwegian University of Sc=
ience and Technology, Trondheim=0AFrancesco Bergadano, University of Torino=
=0AEric Astor, Lund University=0AKeith Downing, Norwegian University of Sci=
ence and Technology, Trondheim=0ATapio Elomaa, University of Helsinki=0ARun=
e Gustavsson, University College of Karlskrona Ronneby=0AEero Hyvonen, VTT =
Finland, Espoo=0AGregers Koch, University of Copenhagen=0AJan Komorowski, N=
orwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim=0AFangzhen Lin, Th=
e Hong Kong University of Science and Technology=0ASeppo Linnainmaa, VTT Fi=
nland=0AJacek Malec, Linkoping University, University of Malardalen=0AJalal=
Maleki, Linkoping University=0AMichail Matskin, Norwegian University of Sc=
ience and Technology, Trondheim=0ABrian Mayoh, Aarhus University=0AIlkka Ni=
emela, Helsinki University of Technology =0AJorgen Fischer Nilsson, Technic=
al University of Denmark, Copenhagen=0AVesa Niskanen, University of Helsink=
i, =0AJan Olsson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Stockholm=
=0AJohn Perram, Odense University=0AErik Sandewall, Linkoping University=0A=
Tuomas Sandholm, Washington University=0AKaisa Sere, University of Kuopio=
=0ACostas Spyropoulos, Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications, Athen=
s=0ABjornar Tessem, University of Bergen=0AEnn Tuygu, Royal Institute of Te=
chnology, Stockholm=0AWalter Van de Velde, Brussels Free University=0ATanja=
Yakhno, A. P. Ershov Institute of Information Systems, Novosibirsk=0A=0A=
=0AConference organising committee=0A-------------------------------=0ADepa=
rtment of Computer Science, University of Helsinki=0A=0AGosta Grahne, organ=
ising co-chair=0ATapio Elomaa, organising co-chair=0APaivi Kuuppelomaki, se=
cretary=0AGreger Linden, publicity manager=0AMatti Nykanen, treasurer=0A=0A=
=0AConference secretariat=0A----------------------=0ASCAI'97=0APaivi Kuuppe=
lomaki=0ADepartment of Computer Science,=0AP. O. Box 26=0AFIN-00014 UNIVERS=
ITY OF HELSINKI,=0AFinland=0A=0Aemail: kuuppelo@cs.helsinki.fi,=0Afax: + 35=
8 9 708 44441=0Aphone: +358 9 708 44248=0A=0A=0AConference web page=0A-----=
--------------=0Ahttp://www.cs.helsinki.fi/events/SCAI97/=0A=0AConference e=
mail address=0A-----------------------=0Ascai97@cs.helsinki.fi=0A=0ARelated=
events=0A--------------=0A=0AThe conference will be held concurrently with=
the Third Nordic Workshop=0Aon Genetic Algorithms (3NWGA, for more informa=
tion contact Jarmo Alander =0AJarmo.Alander@uwasa.fi or take a look at http=
://www.uwasa.fi/cs/3NWGA). Both =0Aconferences are held in the same univers=
ity building in the core of=0Adowntown Helsinki. The conference is succeede=
d by the Summer School on=0ANatural Computation in Turku on August 25-29 (f=
or more information on the=0Asummer school contact Kaisa Sere Kaisa.Sere@uk=
u.fi or take a look at=0Ahttp://www.abo.fi/~kaisa/SNAC.html).=0A=0AWelcome =
to Helsinki ! =0A---------------------=0A=0A"Throughout the city, the sea f=
ollows you, its salty tongue lapping at=0Athe sides of metropolitan bridges=
and boulevards, pressing its way into=0Aresidential areas, creating natura=
l harbours and sudden bays. In=0Asummer, the sea glistens and preens under =
a tireless sun, driving the=0Alight-starved locals wild with its shine. Aut=
umn arrives and, as=0Adarkness encroaches and the rains begin to fall, it b=
egins to churn,=0Acreating a world of wet and grey where the borders betwee=
n sea and land=0Aare no longer distinct. Only during the long cold winter d=
oes the sea=0Afinally rest, freezing into an endless expanse on which weeke=
nd=0Apromenaders can walk dogs or try out their cross-country skis."=0A=0A=
=09=09=09=09=09- Insight Guide to Finland, 1996=0A=0AAlthough you tire of t=
he "wild locals" or bad weather, remember that=0Amiddle August is still sum=
mer, that you more likely will need summer=0Aclothes, even if there might b=
e occasional showers. The university is=0Aconveniently situated in the city=
center by the Senate Square. The main=0Abuilding designed by Engel is one =
of the Empire style pearls in the=0Acenter. The university, by the way, is =
the largest one in Finland with=0Aapproximately 30 000 students. It was fou=
nded in Turku/=C5bo in 1640 by=0Athe Swedish queen Christina and later move=
d to Helsinki. The department=0Aof computer science (located some 5 km from=
the center and the main=0Abuilding) is the largest in its kind in Finland =
with a staff of=0Aapproximately 70 teachers and researchers and some 1000 s=
tudents=0Amajoring in computer science.=0A=0AHelsinki, the capital and larg=
est city in Finland, has a population of=0A500,000. It is situated on a pen=
insula expanding to the west, north,=0Aand east. Its main sights are the ar=
t museum of the Ateneum, the=0Acathedral and the orthodox Uspensky cathedra=
l, the "new" Temppeliaukio=0Achurch built in a rock, the Market Square, the=
National, City, and Amos=0AAndersson Museums, as well as the Parliament Bu=
ilding, the Finlandia=0AHall, and the new Opera House. The center is flood=
ed with,=0Arestaurants, cafes, and terraces. Also do not forget to take adv=
antage=0Aof all the summer events Helsinki provides. The Helsinki festival =
(end=0AAugust-early September) offers a wide range of events from classical=
=0Amusic to pop concerts to theatre performances and art exhibitions.=0AFin=
ally, the surroundings provide many a beautiful or interesting place=0Afor =
excursions. So, come and enjoy!=0A=0AHelsinki, the capital of Finland, has =
direct flight connections=0Aworld-wide, e.g., to Japan where the next IJCAI=
conference is held=0Ashortly after SCAI '97.=0A=0A=0A=0A

TEL +358 9 708 5052 (OFFICE), FAX +358 9 708 5096 (OFFICE)
GSM +358 40 503 2031
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