A mini course in fuzzy control

Vladik Kreinovich (vladik@cs.utep.edu)
Sat, 1 Feb 1997 15:59:48 +0100

>From provetti@cirfid.unibo.it

Starting from March I'm teaching CS to phisics undergrads.
They are in their last year and soon will go to companies, trying
to apply what they learnt.
In addition to the more or less standard course,
I'm supposed to teach 20 hrs of a 'seminar' on any subject
of interest in industrial applications.

Students are very much interested in learning about fuzzy control,
but unfortunately, I know next to nothing about it,
and before March, there is not mucn time for me to prepare for it.
My question is:

is there available a _course package_ in fuzzy controls?

I mean a set of notes/textbooks/case studies/computer programs/
prepared by somebody who teaches fuzzy control at undergrad level,
which I can adapt and exploit during these 20 hours.

Thank you in advance for any sort of suggestion you'll find appropriate.

Alessandro Provetti