Special Interest Group on Agents

Thu, 16 Jan 1997 08:45:46 +0100

BISC Special Interest Group on Agents: Intelligent Agents in Complex Systems

Intelligent Software Agents are artificial intelligence programs that
perform tasks on behalf of a user or another agent and are capable of
reasoning, communicating, and learning. Complex Systems are composed of
large numbers of interacting agents, e.g. economies, political systems,
ecologies, immune systems, colonies, brains, and the like. It is an exciting
time to study each of these topics. Their intersection lies on the
highway. Self organizing intelligent agent systems are not just realizable
but imminent and press us to consider these topics together.

Intelligent agents have much to offer users and have a growing presence
in our lives - on the internet, in our software, and in our appliances and
Innovations in telecommunications and distributed artificial intelligence
make it possible for these agents to interact, forming unplanned,
self-organizing systems. How will these agents influence each other's
and what will these complex systems be like? Is it possible to design agents
to promote (prevent) certain kinds of global behavior? Should we? Concepts
in soft computing and complex systems may help us think about intelligent
populations in new ways, helping us to answer these and other difficult
questions about our unplanned self organizing intelligent agent systems.

This group is intended to focus on how concepts from soft computing can
provide insights on self organizing populations of intelligent agents. It is
also intended to act as a forum for discussion on this topic and a method
for gathering references in relation to this important issue. A web pag
is under construction which will reflect references, issues and discussions.

Cindy Mason has agreed to be chairman of this special interest group. If you
are interested in joining this group, please contact her at
"cmason@cs.berkeley.edu" with copies to "zadeh@cs.berkeley.edu"
and "leem@cs.berkeley.edu"

Also see http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~cmason/projects/bisc/sig-agents.html