SPECIAL BISC Seminar, 15 January, 320 Soda Hall, 4-5:00pm

Michael Lee (leem@cs.berkeley.edu)
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 13:12:55 +0100

Fuzzy Hyperknowledge and Active Decision Support


Dr. Christer Carlsson
Director of the Institute of Advanced Management Systems Research
Management Science
University of Finland

15 January 1996
320 Soda Hall


In the talk will be shown the principles of hyperknowledge
technology and how a hyperknowledge support system is built and
implemented. This will be done with the Hyperstrat system, which is
a hyperknowledge support system for strategic management built
around the actual business logic of a number of corporations
representing the forest, the service and the telecommunications
industry in Finland. The support technology was built in close
cooperation with the management teams of many SBU:s in these
corporations, which tested the system during the entire development
process. This interactive development process involved more than 80
SBU managers in a 4-year period and their experience with the
system has been recorded and evaluated. A number of seminars and
experiments have been run with the support systems and we have
gradually gained an understanding of how strategic management can
be supported with hyperknowledge technology. Many of the SBU
management teams gradually accepted the system as their own, and it
is now in regular use as a support system for strategic management.
The results we have show that a management team works through
their business more carefully, and the planning process is more
productive and effective.

In the talk we will address key issues on how fuzzy hyperknowledge
has enhanced decision support systems for senior managers, and
what the major innovations of design-ing support systems have been.
We will also discuss and demonstrate a few of the fallacies found in
the field, and we will point the way to an emerging Active DSS

Dr. Christer Carlsson is Professor of Management Science at
Akademi University in Finland and is the Director of the Institute of
Advanced Management Systems Research; he is serving on the
editorial boards of several journals including the European Journal of
Operations Research, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Intelligent Systems in
Finance, Accounting & Management. He has published more than 60
papers in a number of major journals, 3 books, edited 3 special issues
of major journals, edited 8 books, and published more than 100
papers in edited books and conference proceedings. Among a number
of research activities he is a member of the Steering Committee of
ERUDIT, an ESPRIT Network of Excellence, and is serving on the
Scientific Board of the ELITE Foundation in Germany.

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