Fuzzy benchmarks:Help Required

Anupama Toshniwal (anupama@protocol.ece.iisc.ernet.in)
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 23:27:06 +0100

I am on the lookout for benchmarks wherein the output
membership functions are symmetric or singletons . These I
require to evaluate the performance of a hardware fuzzy inference
system that I have designed.
Please let me know if such benchmarks are available and if
yes, where I can find them? If they aren't, then could any of
you suggest how I can evaluate the performance of the design.

Also to run the simulations for the benchmarks mentioned in
the book "Fuzzy logic and NeuroFuzzy Applications Explained"
and in the accompanying diskettes, is there any particular input
pattern available or can I just specify the inputs to the system
randomly? What I mean is running a simulation similar to the Crane
or Ship example given in the diskettes.

I shall be glad if any of you could help me.

Anupama Toshniwal.