SBRN'2000: EXTENDED Deadline

Subject: SBRN'2000: EXTENDED Deadline
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 18:18:42 MET DST

                       FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS



       Marina Palace hotel, Rio de Janeiro, November 22-25, 2000


*EXTENDED Submission Deadline: 26/6/2000

*About the Ricardo Machado Prize:
- The best student paper on Neural Systems will be considered for
publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Neural
Systems ( -The best
student paper on Computational Intelligence will be considered for
publication in the International Journal of Computational Intelligence
and Applications (


SBRN'2000 is the 6th edition of a forum, held biannually in Brazil,
dedicated to neural networks (NNs) and to other models of
computational intelligence. Rio de Janeiro, a city unique for its
natural beauty, is the location of SBRN'2000. Rio is a great place and
has the rhythm to bring people together in a stimulating discussion
about research, development, applications, new technologies and
advances in neural networks.

Call for Demonstrations: please visit

Sponsored by:

SBC - The Brazilian Computer Society
SIG/INNNS/Brazil - Special Interest Group of the International Neural
Networks Society in Brazil

Organised by: COPPE/UFRJ, ILTC and ITA

To be published by: IEEE Computer Society Press

Submission: 26 June 2000;
Acceptance: 31 July 2000;
Camera-ready: 21 August 2000

Non-exhaustive list of topics which will be covered during SBRN'2000:

Applications: finances, data mining, neurocontrol, time series
forecasting; Architectures: cellular NNs, hardware and software
implementations, new
              models, weightless models;
Cognitive Sciences: adaptive behaviour, natural language, mental
Computational Intelligence: evolutionary systems, fuzzy systems,
Learning: algorithms, evolutionary and fuzzy techniques, reinforcement
Neurobiological Systems: bio-inspired systems, biologically plausible
              networks, vision;
Neurocontrol: robotics, dynamic systems, adaptive control;
              Neurosymbolic processing: hybrid approaches, logical
              inference, rule extraction, structured knowledge;
Pattern Recognition: signal processing, artificial/computational
vision; Theory: radial basis functions, Bayesian systems, function

Invited Speakers:

     Dana Ballard (University of Rochester, USA)
     Ernesto Burattini (Istituto di Cibernetica-CNR, Italy)
     Maria Eunice Gonzales (UNESP-RC, BR)
     Antonia J. Jones (Univ. of Wales at Cardiff, UK)
     Larry Medsker (American University, USA)
     Noel Sharkey (Univ. of Shefield, UK)
     Sebastian Thrun (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Paper Submission:

Prospective authors are invited to submit 10-pages, 12 point
single column papers (postscript or pdf format) written in
English, Portuguese or Spanish. Submission must be made
electronically, according to the following procedure.

Use the last name of the contact author to name the postscript or pdf
file (e.g.,; add numerals for submitting more than one
paper with the same contact author (e.g.,,
Large postscript files can be compressed as .zip, .gz or .Z file (in
this case, the file must have the corresponding extension , e.g., Submit the paper by email to
by sending a submission notice, with your (possibly compressed)
postscript or pdf file as an attachment. In the submission notice,
include ONLY the following information (please, put one item per line
to allow easy automatic processing): full title of the paper, authors'
first and last names, authors' affiliations, technical area, keywords,
corresponding author (name, postal address, e-mail address, phone and
fax numbers), preferred mode of presentation (oral or poster), and the
abstract of the paper. The submission notice must be in plain ASCII
text. Use the name of the submitted file as subject of the message. Do
not include in the paper any information concerning author(s), the
presentation, or the technical area.

If you have any problem concerning this submission procedure, contact
the conference organisers by email.

The first volume of the Proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer
Society Press, in time for distribution at the symposium. It will
include only accepted papers written in English and abstracts of
accepted papers written in Portuguese or Spanish. A second volume will
be issued as a CD-ROM, and will contain accepted papers originally
written in Portuguese or Spanish.

General Chair:
Felipe M. G. França (UFRJ/ILTC, Brazil)

Program Chair:
Carlos H. C. Ribeiro (ITA, Brazil)

Tutorials Chair:
Antonio C. S. Branco (ILTC, Brazil)

Demonstrations Chair:
Alexandre Evsukoff (UFRJ/ILTC, Brazil)

Finance Chair:
Max S. Dutra (UFRJ, Brazil)

Publications Chair:
Marley Vellasco (PUC-RJ, Brazil)

Steering Comittee:
Aluízio F. R. Araújo (USP-SC, BR)
Antônio de P. Braga (UFMG, BR)
Walmir M. Caminhas (UFMG, BR)
André P. L. F. Carvalho (USP-SC, BR)
Edson Costa B.C. Filho (UFPE, BR)
Felipe M. G. França (UFRJ, BR)
Teresa B. Ludermir (UFPE, BR)
Carlos H. C. Ribeiro (ITA, BR)
Germano Vasconcelos (UFPE, BR)
Gerson Zaverucha (UFRJ, BR)

Program Comittee:
Paulo J. L. Adeodato (UFPE, BR)
Igor Aleksander (Imperial College, UK)
Nigel M. Allinson (UMIST, UK)
Aluízio F. R. Araújo (USP-SC, BR)
Dana Ballard (Univ. of Rochester, USA)
Valmir C. Barbosa (UFRJ, BR)
Amit Bhaya (UFRJ, BR)
Antônio de P. Braga (UFMG, BR)
Ernesto Burattini (I. di Cibernetica-CNR, IT)
Euvaldo Cabral (USP, BR)
Walmir M. Caminhas (UFMG, BR)
André P. L. F. Carvalho (USP-SC, BR)
Joel L. P. Castro Jr (ILTC, BR/Imperial College, UK)
Edson Costa B.C. Filho (UFPE, BR)
Marie Cottrell (Univ. Paris I, FR)
Massimo De Gregorio (I. di Cibernetica-CNR, IT)
Phillipe DeWilde (Imperial College, UK)
Max S. Dutra (UFRJ, BR)
Alexandre Evsukoff (UFRJ/ILTC, BR)
Raul Feitosa (PUC-RJ, BR)
Jerome Feldman (ICSI-Berkeley, USA)
Felipe M. G. França (UFRJ/ILTC, BR)
Sergio E. Gonçalves (UFRJ, BR)
Maria Eunice Gonzales (UNESP-RC, BR)
Helge Ritter (Bielefild Univ., DE)
Antonia J. Jones (Univ. of Wales, UK)
Lokesh Kalia (Imperial College, UK)
Pentti Kanerva (SICS, SE)
Nikola Kasabov (Univ. of Otago, NZ)
Eugenius Kaskurewicz (UFRJ, BR)
Priscila M. V. Lima (UNESA-RJ/ILTC, BR)
Teresa B. Ludermir (UFPE, BR)
Weber Martins (UFG, BR)
Larry Medsker (American Univ., USA)
Helen Morton (Brunel Univ., UK)
Cairo L. Nascimento Jr (ITA, BR)
Wilson R. de Oliveira Jr (UFPE, BR)
Nizam Omar (ITA, BR)
Marco A. Pacheco (PUC-RJ, BR)
Luiz A. Pessoa (NIH, USA)
Carlos Reyes (UNAM, MX)
Carlos H. C. Ribeiro (ITA, BR)
Roseli A. F. Romero (USP-SC, BR)
Sandra Sandri (INPE, BR)
José M. Seixas (UFRJ, BR)
Amanda Sharkey (Univ. of Shefield, UK)
Noel Sharkey (Univ. of Shefield, UK)
Jude W. Shavlik (Univ. of Wisconsin, USA)
Marcílio C. P. de Souto (UFPE, BR)
Csaba Szepesvari (Mindmaker Ltd., HU)
Harold Szu (U. of SW Lousiana, USA)
Guglielmo Tamburrini (Univ. di Pisa, IT)
Sebastian Thrun (Carnegie Mellon, USA)
Antonio C. G. Thomé (UFRJ, BR)
Carme Torras (CSIC-UPC, SP)
Germano Vasconcelos (UFPE, BR)
Marley Vellasco (PUC-RJ, BR)
Vincent Vigneron (Univ. d'Evry, FR)
Takeshi Yamakawa (Kyushu I. of Tech., JP)
Hani C. Yehia (UFMG, BR)
Takashi Yoneyama (ITA, BR)
Gerson Zaverucha (UFRJ, BR)

Organizing Comittee:
Antonio C. S. Branco (ILTC-RJ)
Joel L. P. Castro Jr (ILTC, BR/Imperial College, UK)
Alexandre Evsukoff (UFRJ/ILTC-RJ)
Felipe M. G. França (UFRJ/ILTC-RJ)
Cassiano L. Fróes da Silva (Uniway/Citybank-RJ)
Gustavo G. Parma (UFMG-MG)
Denis C. Söndahl (UFRJ-RJ)
Zhijun Yang (UFRJ, BR/Motorola, CN)
Alexandre Evsukoff
Laboratorio de Monitoracao de Processos - LMP
Programa de Engenharia Nuclear - PEN/COPPE/UFRJ
Centro de Tecnologia - Bloco H
Caixa Postal 68509
21945-970 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Tel. (+55) (0)21 560 4987
Fax. (+55) (0)21 290 6626

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