Positions at UCBerkeley

Subject: Positions at UCBerkeley
From: cindy mason (cmason@cs.berkeley.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 20:13:31 MET

Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)
BT Research Fellowships at UC Berkeley

 The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) at
 Berkeley is currently seeking applications for a number of British
 Telecommunications (BT) plc sponsored senior research fellowship
 for a four-year period, within BT's Intelligent Systems Research R&D
 programmes. The positions are suitable for candidates who have
 an excellent track record in Soft Computing and Artificial Intelligence
 and their applications in the telecommunications area. Successful
 will be required to set up and manage a small team of researchers with
 aim to identify and develop new techniques based on soft computing and
 technology, and novel applications in current and emerging
 telecommunications areas such as Internet, Mobile communications, etc.
 candidates will be required to travel and spend time with the research
 at BT Labs (UK) and give presentations to senior technical and business
 managers. The positions are available immediately.

 The Intelligent Systems Research (ISR) group is a part of BT Labs that
 carries out world-class AI technology R&D programmes. The aims of the
 group are to research and develop novel intelligent software systems
 technologies in order to: i) radically improve the way BT operates and
 employs its resources, and ii) technologically enable the provision and
 management of future broadband networks and services. The group is
 working closely with a number of UK and international universities such
 UC Berkeley, MIT and Imperial College on collaborative R&D projects.

 The technical bases of ISR's ambitious long term R&D programme are
 on: Intelligent resource scheduling and planning (Dynamic Scheduler
 http://www.informs.org/Press/Edelman1999c.html), Intelligent Software
 (ZEUS <http://www.labs.bt.com/projects/agents/> agent building toolkit,
 http://www.labs.bt.com/projects/agents/), and Soft (i.e., Fuzzy &
 Computing (Intelligent Personal Assistant
 http://www.bcs.org.uk/awards/medal-98/list98.htm). ISR's world class
 research status is evidenced by its 4 International and National IT
 innovation awards, 9 BT technical excellence awards, 30 patents
 granted/filed, and well over 100 external publications. The group has
 been very active in exploitation of AI technology and has been turning
 results of its innovative AI R&D programme into major business benefits

 BT Laboratories based at Adastral Park is an internationally known
 organisation which conducts short, medium and long term R&D for BT in a
 diverse range of topics such as network technologies and AI. A major
 function of research groups at BT Labs is to set up collaborative
 with academic institutions around the world to stimulate research in
 particular areas of interest to BT and participate in state of the art
 research projects.

 British Telecommunications plc is one of the world's leading providers
 telecommunications services. With a market capitalisation of around 70
 billion, it is one of the largest private sector companies in Europe.
 principal activities include local, long distance and international
 telecommunications services, mobile communications, Internet services
and IT
 solutions. In the UK BT serves 28 million exchange lines and seven
 mobile customers. International direct-dialled telephone service is
 available to more than 200 countries and other overseas territories -
 covering 99 per cent of the world's 800 million telephones.

 BT is expanding its presence overseas rapidly and has operations in
 than 30 countries worldwide, with ventures in the Republic of Ireland,
 France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden,
 Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Latin America and India.

 BT and AT&T have also created Concert, the leading global
 company serving multi-national business customers, international
 and Internet service providers worldwide. Concert provides customers
 communications services on an unprecedented scale, scope and quality,
 the industry's broadest portfolio of voice, data and Internet services.
 Concert's frame relay network reaches every major city in the United
 and the United Kingdom, and extends to an additional 170 cities in 47
 countries. Its global public network reaches directly 237 countries -
 than any other existing network.

 Candidate Requirements

 PhD in Computer Science or related field (essential)
 Demonstrated research expertise (5+ years) and/or industrial experience
 Soft computing/AI (essential)
 Management or academic supervision experience (essential)
 Excellent publication/patent record (essential)
 Good communication capabilities (essential)
 Good knowledge of the telecommunication area (desirable)

 A technical committee will select the suitable candidates for formal
 interviews. Closing date for applications is 15 March 2000, Please send
 CV by mail, fax or email to:
 Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh,
 EECS Department,
 University of California at Berkeley,
 Berkeley, CA 94720,
 Tel. +1 510 642 4959,
 Fax +1 510 642 1712,

 Nader Azarmi,
 AI Technology Manager,
 MLB1/ PP12, BT Labs,
 Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath,
 Ipswich, IP5 3RE, Suffolk,
 United Kingdom.
 Tel. +44 1473 605469,
 Fax +44 1473 642459,

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